Saturday, October 31, 2015

Loving The 5 Guys


S&H Green Stamps Sign In Valley Home

On J-8 In San Joaquin County CA



Joe's Selfie

New Melones Is 15% Full

The View From The Vista Point In Jackson

Caminetti Monument In Jackson CA

I've been by here a million times, but only recall stopping here once.

Looking The Other Way On SH-88

Out For A Drive

With a touch of cabin fever, we three got out of the coach and out for a car ride. We took our favorite Peltier Rd to CA-88 towards Jackson.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Old US-99 In Siskiyou County CA

Half Sleeve


Sexy Pinup

Black And Blue

Serious Ink

Sexy Legs

Nice Dress

Old School Lingerie

Sexy B&P

Milkshake Good

My Next Wife Dita

My Next Wife Jordan

Classic Black Lingerie

Sexy Pose With Ink

This Kills Me


Not Where I Ride

Doing The Splits


Sexy Pinups

Love The Lavender

Nice Sleeve

More Ink

Serious Ink