Sunday, May 31, 2015

Our View Of I-80

The KOA is right next to the Interstate, and we'll be serenaded by the dulcet sounds of traffic all night.

Our Spot In Cheyenne WY

I'm not thrilled about paying $42 to park overnight at the KOA. But here we are. The people are nice, and there's not much here to choose from. The postcards in the office were only .35 each, which is acceptable.

Getting Chico To Howl Like A Wolf

Marie insisted that Chico wanted his picture taken. Of course he doesn't. But I distracted him by howling like a wolf. If he's in the mood, he'll howl right with me. For these pics, I got him to channel his inner wolf. I have him on film howling in the coach, it is pretty funny to watch.

I Really Am Happy

Looking North From The Offramp

Stopping To Pee In Nebraska

We gassed up in Gothenburg and continued west on I-80. After a while, it was time to pee, pee the dog, and fill up my cuppa. These were taken at the off ramp for Brule NE

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Plum Mopar With Legs

Another At The Tree


Bright Blonde

A Nice Figure

At The Tree

Two Different Shapes

Long And Lean

No Sense Of Humor

My Next Wife Lucy

Light And Shadow


Pretty With Brown Hair

Big Bewbies

Pretty Brunette

Red Stockings

Sharp Stockings

Sexy Fishnets

Another Blonde Devil

Pretty Bonde Devil


Nice Hat


Modern Baby Blue T Bird

Serious Riviera Convertible

Only 25k On The Clock

That's what the Craigslist ad claims.

AMC Something Or Other

Old School Bel Air

Red Convertible Impala

I'd Love One

Sharp Cougar

Love The Dress

Sexy Leg Tattoo

Pretty Blonde In The Blossoms