Wednesday, December 30, 2015

All That

Very Nice Classic Truck

Redhead With Red Dress

Old Dash Sign

This is a butterfly style sign. I didn't really notice this, but the gore point signs have moved to the shoulder over time.

More Truth!

Straight Up Sexy

Sexy Redhead


This Kills Me

Universal Japanese Motorcycle

There was a time that the motorcycle press called all inline 4 cylinder bikes  Universal Japanese Motorcycles. I think it painted the market rather badly. I've never had a Suzuki. This is a top flight UJM.

I Love These Too

I've never ridden a 70 before. I never had enough money to buy a used one when I had my paper route, then pretty much I outgrew this sized bike. I see these on Craigslist occasionally and a nice one can cost $1500-2000.

Classic Lingerie


Nice Smile With Cleavage

Love The Print

Texas Booty

My Pool Partner

Classic Black Lingerie

Milkshake Good

I Like This Look

Sharp Stockings

Interesting Hair

Sexy Redheaded Pinup With Classic Truck

Pretty Red Dress

There's My Print

Last Of The Station Wagons

Unrestored Buick

Sharp Honda 65

This Kills Me

Black And White And Blonde

Pretty Blonde With Black Brassiere


Nice Pinup Pose

Sunday, December 27, 2015

This Kills Me

A Great Look


Nice Sleeve

Stony Creek Bridge At Old US-99w

iPad Wanted

I Love Santa

This Is Deep

Asian Gal With Cleavage

Classic Pose

Nice Sleeve

A Long Time Ago



Hint Of My Print

I'd Love One

Nice Mustang