Monday, November 30, 2015

Our View From Camp

Our Spot In Van Horn TX

When we stayed at Rusty's last year, we drove all the way to Ft Stockton TX. That was a bit much, so this year we decided to limit our long day's drive to 300 miles a day or so. That put us in Van Horn TX for the night. Our Passport America card came in handy yet again, as our night's stay was only $13.50. 

View Of Las Cruces NM

The rest stop here is on a bluff overlooking Las Cruces.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Serious Tattoo Piece

Early Traffic Calming Device

It is a fake.

Mystic Purple


Seriously Lacey

Pretty Pinup

Love The Green

Classic Legs

Proper Kitchen Attire

Pretty Blonde Devil

On The Phone

A Great Look


Sexy Brunette

20 Posts From Around Rodeo NM

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Tom Gobbler Neck

I look positively awful in this picture. Maybe I'll dig out the selfie stick and see if I can get a higher quality picture.

Southwest To North...

West To South At The State Line

On NM-80

Just south of Rodeo.

More From The State Line

At The State Line

Houses Used For Visitors To Forest

View At Forest Border

Entering The National Forest

View Near Portal