Monday, August 31, 2015

Finally At The Coach

Our drop off in Dunnigan at the rest stop went quickly. Shannon petted Chico while we traded luggage and cars. Within 10 minutes we were separated and the trip was over. Click on 2015 PNW for the last few new pics and to review all the posts of this trip.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Seriously Milkshake Sexy

Asian Cleveage

A Classic Pinup Look

Old School Bikini Sexy

Milkshake Sexy

Bikini Sexy

Brunette Cleavage

Nice Legs

Classic Pinup

Milkshake Sexy

Nice Shoes

Serious Ink

Hot For Teacher

Nice Robe

My Fave


Milkshake Sexy

You Don't See This Everyday

Nice Tan

Blouse Pulled Down

Big Bewbs

In The Pool

Three Naked Gals

No Tan Lines

More Fake Bewbs

Fake Bewbs

Nice Necklace

By The Tree

Kind Of Skinny

Big Bewbies

Pretty Auburn Hair


Nice Sweater

Sexy Brunette

Black And White

Sexy Blonde Devil



What A Creek Name!

On I-5 in Oregon.

Near Salem OR

A Little Highway History

In 1926, highway numbers across the nation were standardized with the development of the Federal US highway numbering system. US-99 went from Blaine WA to Calexico CA. In Oregon and Northern California, US-99 was split into 99E and 99W, east and west, in certain areas.
With the advent of the Interstate Highway System, I-5 became the primary route through the three Pacific Coast states. Starting in Blaine WA (like US-99), I-5 ends in San Ysidro CA, on the border with Tijuana. In 1964, many of the US highways that were replaced by Interstate highways were decommissioned as US highways and became state highways or county roads. This is reflected in Oregon with both OR-99E and 99-W running near I-5.

My New Favorite Salad At Black Bear Diner

I used to order the Asian Chicken Salad, but it was taken off the menu. I tried the replacement salad with cabbage and was disappointed. When we ate in Medford two weeks ago, Mark ordered this salad and it looked really good. Yesterday in Beaverton I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger Salad and it was worth it. Today, I added a second hamburger patty and that closed the deal.

Shannon Enjoying Her Hot Chocolate At Black Bear Diner

Remains Of Civic Stadium In Eugene OR

Our original plans had us staying tonight in Eugene and taking in a ballgame. The chance of inclement weather caused us to scratch the game and drive to Ashland instead, cutting our Sunday travel time by about three hours.
We did want to take pics of the ruins of Civic Stadium, which was one of the last redwood stadiums left that were built by the WPA. A few weeks before we left, George, Marie and I were eating at Val's and when I mentioned going by the stadium, George let me know that the stadium had caught fire and burned to the ground. Civic was my favorite ballpark and the news broke my heart.
Once we drove away, I knew the trip was fundamentally over, and now we were just making time to get home.