Friday, July 31, 2015

Lunch With Marie And My Step Brother George

I went to the foot doctor yesterday, and the cat scan showed no ligament damage. That leaves me at least 6 weeks of recuperation time. If I stay the hell off it, I shouldn't need surgery.
I'm going on a three week trip with the M's a week from Tuesday. Obviously I need help to go. The M's discussed it between Tuesday (the day I broke my foot) and today and they agreed that helping me with my luggage and laundry won't be an issue. The doctor said I can go, so my mishap won't cost us all vacation.
George has Fridays off, and usually goes into Val's after the lunch rush. We met today at 1445 and they weren't very busy. I would never try going in at lunch or dinner time. When we leave on the 10th, we will meet at Val's for breakfast, then as the 3 M's and I head towards the coast, Marie will head back to camp in Lodi.
The knee scooter was $90 a month to rent. I have it for two months. It is much better than crutches, especially for vacation. I'm sure out of shape for it, when I propel the scooter with my right leg, my left quad holds all my weight. I tire easily when using it, but it is good exercise.
I suffered this injury when I forgot the cotter pin on the trailer jack. When the wheeled jack gave way, my foot was in the wrong place and the trailer tongue bounced off the top of my foot twice before I could pull it free. The metal cut my foot along the artery at the top of the foot and I bled like a stuck pig. It took almost the entire 40 minute car ride to Sacramento to get the bleeding to stop. As soon as the doctor tried to stitch the large cut, it just bled more. Finally she changed the style of stitch and the wound stopped bleeding. Then it was off to x ray and the two breaks showed up. I have another appointment with the foot doc on Thursday, where he will take off the splint, check the swelling and decide on a cast or a boot. He's concerned about covering the wounds up for 6 weeks, so we'll see.
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