Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Not As Rideable As The 1200

 I've always liked this Gold Wing with the gauges on the tank. I rode one once and I found the steering geometry to be not what I expected.

Sharp GTO

A Classic From Japan

Old School Chevy Truck

You Already Know


Cleavage And Thigh

My Pumpkin Carver

Interesting Halloween Tree

Love The Purple

Watching The Wolfman

Proper Kitchen Attire

On The Menu


Love The Fishnets

A Full Head Of Hair

Love The Pink

Nice Fishnets


More Style



Interesting Hose

Rotary Style Phone

Love The Green

Sexy Attire

Love The Coat

Love The High Waist

I Love Red

Sexy Redhead

My Lead Singer

Nice Sleeves

Basking In The Grafitti

Blonde Devil

Sexy Pose

Old School Mack

Serious Ink

Nice Fishnets

Sexy Brunette

A Pretty Gal With Nice Complexion

Great Pose

My Next Wife Lisa Ann

Sleeve And Legs

Very Beautiful

Serious Ink

Nice Sleeves

Nice Stockings

Not In My Barber Chair