Thursday, October 30, 2014

Classic H2

Savoy With Continental Package

Sharp New Yorker

Nice Dodge Convertible

Sexy Attire

Milkshake Good

My Next Barber

Showing Some Leg

Yellow 58

Love The Print

Classic Ford And Pinup

My Next Wife


Red Dress And Chevy

Classic Imperial

I've Not Seen An Extra Cab Like This Before

Sexy Pose

Gal And Hot Rod

Red Dress And Dodge

Cherries On Dress

My Topless Mechanic

Posing With 7Up Machine

Stockings And Chevy

I Love Red

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Early 50's Buick

De Soto Convertible

Cool Ford

Always One Of My Faves

Cool 58 Chevy

The Claim Is Over 200G Spent On Restoration

Carp Tattoo Hiding

Nose Art

Pure Sexy

My Next Wife Lucy P

My Next Wife Ella

It Is Still Important

Polka Dots

This Kills Me

At The Pump

A Good Look