Monday, June 30, 2014

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The Ballpark In Lexington, Kentucky

The Lexington Legends (a Royals farm team) beat the Augusta Green Jackets (a Shithead farm team) 6-5. The game moved along crisply and we enjoyed ourselves. We we're the only ones sitting in the left field bleachers. And, the park sold Diet Dew, which made me happy.

Inside The Visitors Center

The Phoenix

Mini Horses

Norwiegan Horse Up Close

Puerto Rican Horse

Tandem Horse Riding

Viking Horses

From Iceland and Norway

I Can't Remember What This Horse Is


Kentucky Horse Park

Shannon loves horses, so we went to the state operated Kentucky Horse Park today. It wasn't cheap, but even as non horsey types, we enjoyed it.

The 4 Knuckleheads At Waffle House

We have been enjoying Waffle House on a regular basis. The consistency from restaurant to restaurant has been excellent. We're going back in the morning.

At Kentucky's Capitol Building

Kentucky's Floral Clock At The Capitol Building

This was worth the short detour off I-64 to see.

The Big Bat

This is on the Main Street side of the building. You get a better view from down the block.

Trivia Answer

Bob Montgomery was Carlton Fisk's backup for a while. When we all played Strat O Matic baseball, Reject Button Bob was one of my favorite players. And, if you ask who the last MLB player was to not wear a batting helmet, the answer is Bob Montgomery

The Signature Wall

Hall of Fame A's who used Louisville Sluggers.

Famous Louisville Slugger Using Players

That A's killing Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth and Ken Griffey Jr.

Displays At The Louisville Slugger Factory

The museum is free, but the factory tour costs money. It was well worth it, though they do not allow photography on the tour.

At The Rest Stop Just Across The Border

Entering Kentucky

Posing With Elvis