Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Old Hamm's Beer Sign

It seems to me that Hamm's had a brewery in San Francisco 45+ years ago. A long way to truck beer back in the day.

Old Buildings In White Lake

A number of brick buildings in White Lake were built in 1912-13. Makes me wonder if a fire had done some "urban renewal" a hundred or so years ago.

Mäin Drag Of White Lake SD

White Lake, The Lake

Just north of the town.

Old Abandoned Farmhouse

North of the town of White Lake.

Aurora County Courthouse

Still in Plankinton. I asked a guy coming out of city hall and he steered us in the right direction. For a town of 700 people, you would have thought it was easy to find. And it should have been.

Downtown Plankinton

St John's Church In Plankinton SD

Built in 1923.

Inside The Palace

The circus was in town today. They let me in for a minute to look around without charging me.

Mitchell SD Corn Palace

Thee are a million billboards on I-90 for this place. It is an auditorium. But the tourist attraction is the outside of the building. The designs are made from corn. It is pretty sharp. And they change every year.

The State Theater

Still in downtown Chamberlain

Downtown Chamberlain

Missouri River In Chamberlain SD