Friday, January 31, 2014

Joe Looking Fat And Fabulous

Back in the day, I took a picture of my Sabre on this bridge that I'm standing on, the Arroyo Hondo Bridge. That was a long time ago, over two wives ago.

Bridges Over Arroyo Hondo

That's the railroad bridge on the left and the old US-101 bridge on the right. I like old bridges like this.

Panoramic View Of Ocean

The conditions were rather poor to see the Channel Islands and the oil rigs in the water. You could see them in person, but not on the pictures.


We made the loop on CA-154 and found ourselves back on US-101. There is a rest stop that I wanted to take snaps at, on the other side of the highway. We pulled off here to hang a U, and I noticed the skid marks leading right into the tree. Anti lock brakes don't leave a solid skid mark like this one, so I'm guessing it was an older car.
My poor mom is going to be upset when she sees this, and figures out I was standing very close to traffic behind me to get the shot. I think even Marie wasn't at ease until I got back in the car.

Panoramic View Of Lake

The dam was built in 1953. There's a nice looking campground that we looked at that passed muster. No camping in this neck of the woods is cost efficient. You can pay between 45 and 95 dollars a night for a spot. Recall that the rack rate at Ocean Mesa is $95.

View From Vista Point

Bradbury Dam At Lake Cachuma

The paper had said the lake was only 20% full, but the tv said less than 40%full, which is how it looked in person. Still, you can see it will take a lot of rain to restore river flow to the Santa Ynez River.

Street Scenes In Solvang

Marie really loved the architectural style in Solvang. I too found it charming. Town is about four good sized blocks long. There's a Danish Days celebration in town, but not this weekend.

At The Danish Bakery

Our next stop was the pet supply and gift store. They welcomed Chico into the store and Dee Dee tried to give him a couple of Scooby snacks.
The postcards were 4 for a dollar at the gift store, which is about as good as it gets. I had to sit down and Marie went in to Olsen's and ordered. It turns out that Olsen's provided table service to the sidewalk tables. So, a cutie dressed up Danish brought our treats and coffee out to us. Marie's one request was to eat at the Danish bakery, and we did just that.

Joe With Viking In Solvang

Before my back went tits up for another day, we headed up the highway to Solvang. Founded by Danish heritaged settlers, the town looks like a village in Denmark. Here I am posing with one of my Viking brothers. For a while now, I've called myself a "Viking-American." My ancestry to my Nordic homeland comes on both sides of my DNA.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Back Hurt So Bad Right Here That We Went Back To Camp

This is how I look when my entire lower lumbar is in spasms and such. We again cut it short and went back to camp. We had recently bought a new massager at Brookstone and Marie worked me over for at least 30 minutes. That, and the half hour in the spa helped loosen up my back more than just a bit. We're expecting to go to Solvang tomorrow, and I'd like to be able to function like a human being.

Famous Statue And Fountain

The dolphins and fountain were installed in 1982, for the bicentennial of the town.

Along The Foot And Bike Path


Santa Barbara Pier

                                              Yesterday at the Mission my back was so stiff and painful that eventually we found an urgent care place and I got a couple of Rx's to address the issue. We cut our sightseeing short and went back to camp. The new meds, a Prop 215 cookie, and my usual handful of stuff got me to sleep.
I woke up this morning marginally better, so after breakfast we went into town, down to the harbor and beach.

Outdoor Laundry

They're missing the word "enslaved" to describe the conquered tribes

Moorish Fountain At The Mission

View Across The Property

The view from the top of the stairs.

The Mission

The complex is right at the edge of an older neighborhood.

Our Site

We just fit in the spot. And there's room for Marie's car. The terraced spots with a hedge separating gives up some privacy when sitting outside. And all the hookups work.

Our View At Ocean Mesa

The rack rate here is $95 a night. In August, I saw an ad that said $45 a night for up to 5 nights, prepaid, with no changes or refund. Marie and I talked about it and we decided to risk our $225 to make reservations.
Everything worked out and this is an excellent place for us to start the Regular Season.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Opening Day Has Arrived

The day had finally arrived. And we almost postponed it a day. Marie didn't sleep at all the night before and the both of us have this mild but nagging flu. And, I've had a migraine since last Wednesday.
I woke up about 0630 and we were both slow as Uncle Joe at the Junction. Marie lied back down after breakfast while I put the tricycles away and unhooked. I've got this lower back tightness and spasm that is triggered by just the slightest lifting. Hurt all damn day.
Finally Marie decided to give it a go, so we broke camp, topped off the propane, fueled up both vehicles, filled our cuppas with DMD and I took two pieces of pizza with me as we got on I-5 by 0915.
These picture are from the first rest stop. We continued Southbound on I-5 to CA-41 to CA-46 to US-101. We fueled up and ate in Santa Maria, then finished the drive to our destination for the next 5 days, Ocean Mesa.
Ocean Mesa is about 20 miles north of Santa Barbara. I'll take pics tomorrow of our camp site and post them. We had just enough time to make camp and watch the sun set while sitting in our camp chairs. And I threw in two loads of our laundry. The wash here is $2.25, which is the most I've ever paid since I started camping 10 years ago.
We will have 4 full days in this neck of the woods. There will be more pictures.