Saturday, December 27, 2014

These Are Really The Last Posts Of 2014

Yeah, I had posted to Facebook that I was done for Retirement 2014. And when you click in the footer, you'll see two more day drives that Marie and I went on. Promise, this is it for Retirement 2014.
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Downtown Pawhuska OK

We took US-64 east to OK-99 and headed north. We made it to Pawhuska just as the sun dipped under the horizon. But the pics came out nice and the video did as well. This was our last stop, we continued north on OK-99 to KS-99 to US-166 and eventually back to Independence. A nice way to spend the day on our last excursion of the year.

I Forgot The Courthouse

The bottom pic is a memorial to the Sheriff who was killed on duty in 2001. That's so unusual for the actual Sheriff to get killed. I don't know what happened. While taking these, I got sidetracked and forgot to snap the Pawnee County Courthouse. What a maroon.

Monument In Courthouse Square

Notice the Doughboy statue in the bottom picture. It signifies the Great War veterans.

Buildings In Pawnee

View From Pawnee Bill's Back Of The Hill

At Pawnee Bill's Ranch

Intersection Of US-177/US-64

We continued south on US-77 through Ponca City and found ourselves on US-177, still heading south. When we got to this intersection, we turned east on US-64.

Old Buildings In North Newkirk

Markers At Kay County Courthouse

Kay County Courthouse

This is in North Newkirk OK.

Monuments At The Border

Still At The Border

Looking north to east.

On US-77 At The Kansas Oklahoma Border

Looking south to west

Downtown Ark City

Arkansas City City Hall

Couldn't find the courthouse, but city hall was a block from the old high school.

Nothing Flashy About The Po Po

Gothic High School Building

Marie, Chico and I continued west on US-166 and entered Arkansas City KS. We got gas for $1.979, which is a good price for Kansas. We got off the main drag downtown and found the high school building that was built in 1890. I thought this was an impressive structure. The local college, which is right across the street, uses it currently.

Natural Gas And 2% Helium

5 miles south of Dexter KS is this historical marker, at the intersection of US-166, KS-15, and Cowley County 11. I read the marker and let Chico out of the car unleashed to sniff around and pee. There's a natural gas well with helium mixed in near Dexter, ergo the reason for the marker.