Friday, May 31, 2013

Over 150,000 Visitors So Far

Thanks to those of you who come by and enjoy my story. And the cars, boobs and humor.

This Kills Me

Cool Cake

I Could Never Do This

A Great Look

Falcon Wagon

Sharp Vista Cruiser

You certainly don't see a full bench seat in front anymore

Old School Bonneville

Cool Name For A Car

No Speedometer

Any idea as to year, make and model?

My Kind Of Car


A Good Looking Gal

My Kind Of Bikini


Nice Tattoos


I Like Teal

I Like Denim



A Good Looking Gal

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Kills Me

One More Of London

My Kind Of Gal

Sexy and eating fries. Winning me over rather easily.

London Auditioning For Judas Priest

Proper Vacuuming Attire

I Love This Look

Never Forget The Sacrifice Made By Those Who Gave All

I Love Grape

Very Pretty Gal

This Kills Me

Interesting Looking Lingerie

I Love Fishnets

Milkshake Good


Inked And Sexy

No Shit

A Good Looking Gal