Sunday, March 31, 2013

Police Payback

For parking like a douchebag.

This Made Me Chuckle

She's Long And Lean

She's my freedom machine


Happy Easter

Melissa Not Topless This Time

Right On The Money

My Kind Of Newspaper Reader

They're few and far between these days.  Which reminds me of something I found out today when I worked OT. We're raising the price of the Mercury 50 cents a day to 1.50. On Sunday that's still half the price of the Chronicle,  but daily we're into uncharted territory. We must not want to sell newspapers anymore.

Sharp Chevy Pickup

I Love This Look

I'd Love To Drive This

Pretty Gal With Pillows

The Very Delicious Emma

Newer School Chevy

Sharp 79 Z28

This one has been restored and only has 50k on it in the first place. This would be way cool to drive.

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Though it should be on a low cut top, showing some cleavage.

Before The Surgeries

This is Jenna Jameson a while ago. Pretty good looking porn actress. Now she looks horrible with her surgically enhanced face and such.

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

This Is Cool

This Kills Me

At The Tetons

We went three times as a family when I was growing up. And I went through Yellowstone and the Tetons once with my late brother. Haven't been there in over 25 years, however. Once I retire Marie and I will stay in West Yellowstone and sightsee for a week or two on our travels.

Somewhere In Oregon

For The Sergeant

Sharp Shoe Car

What Does This Say?

A Good Looking Gal

Office Attire

This Kills Me

Great Tattoo

My Next Wife Jordan

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What A Million Looks Like

 worked with a guy, Bob B, who used to work for an armoured car company. He told us that a million dollars really fit in a briefcase. Maybe a large briefcase.

Breakfast Of Champions

We drank Miller High Life in high school. That was after the Bud brewery opened in Fairfield and the taste of Michelob changed. In fact Miller came in 7 ounce bottles and that was usually enough for me. I've always been a cheap date.

Papers Don't Shatter When They Fall Off The Liftgate

Usually beer is palletized at big drops like this.