Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Love Carrot Cake

I don't eat cream cheese, but in frosting on carrot cake, well, you can guess. And in the Hershey pie at Burger King. The Sunshine used to bust my balls about that.

This Is Cool

London Suspended From Facebook

For this picture. What a bunch of prudes.

Loving The Fishnets

My Next Wife In Proper Kitchen Attire

Red Remains A Nice Color

My Next Wife Looking Really Pretty

A Pretty Gal

This Body&Mind site sure produces nice content. Their models are always natural looking and they take great pictures.

A Good Look In Lingerie

A Cool Bike To Have

Honda started making these 4-stroke dirt bikes while everyone else was still in 2-strokes. The overhead cam was another stroke of leadership. Many young men lusted after one of these. I more liked the Trail 90. I ended up buying one about 1989 or so. Fun bike to ride.

A Pretty Gal

This Kills Me

Packa, No, Stude Something

In the late 50's, Packards were pretty much rebadged Studebakers. A sad end to a once popular car make.

Cool Edsel

Never Drove One

Merrie Jo D drove one to school my senior year. I didn't really know her, just who she was.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Kurt Story

On the big motorcycle ride to Canada with my late brother Kurt, we were in Alberta and Kurt wanted apple pie with cheddar cheese. The wait staff was confused, and it took them a bit to understand. Prior to this day, I had never heard of cheese on pie. Sounds nasty to me.
Anyway, they came out with a hunk of cold cheddar on cold pie. Kurt realized that this was going to be as good as it gets and he ate his pie. He explained to me that the pie should be warm and the cheese melted. I told Kurt he was crazy.
Since my brother passed a while ago, I'm extra happy we went on two long motorcycle rides. Same with my dad and the ride to Death Valley. My dad is about done riding and it was so important to have gone.

My Next Wife London

This May Be A Repeat

I Love Bacon

I Was Like This

Back in a previous life, my mom and I lived with my cousin and her family. We were about this age. I had such a crush on my cousin, Tina M. It lasted for a long time. Sadly, that part of my family has abandoned me. Seems to be a running theme in my current life.

What A Great Sky

If Real...

They're pretty sharp.

When I'm Santa

Proper Kitchen Attire

This Kills Me

Good Looking Lingerie

Sexy Pic

One Of My Faves

Drink Coffee With Me


Redheaded Lingerie

A Good Look

You Already Know

Leap Of Art

More Milkshake Goodness

Milkshake Good

Serious Art

Milkshake Good

A Great Look

Cool Chevy Wagon

Two Classics

My Next Wife Jordan

Something You Don't See Everyday

This is a Hodaka. An old school bike maker. I don't know anything about them.