Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fixed Marie's Car

Last week we put Marie's car back in the shop. It took the shop a total of 6 billable hours to find the intermittent short. Add some software updates and Marie got change back from her G. At least te air works, right before winter.
We rented a Kia Soul for a few days and I kind of liked it. It got almost 30 mpg on the freeway and rode nice. Any car with Sirius activated can't be all bad.

Pretty Damn Soon

I'll Try This

This Kills Me

Not My Welder

Not In My Car

Nice Tights

Pimpin Trike

My Next Car

Old School

Loving Slave Leia

Cassic Pinup Pose


Name That Flag

Leave your guess in the comments

This Kills Me

The True God

Classic Dodge

Creamy Complexion

Boob Koozie

Sleeves And More

Very Pretty Gal

Sharp Tattoo

Jodie Looking Deelish

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sharp Pontiac

55 Packard

These Are Cool

Pinup With Purpe Beret

Classic Pinup

Notice the wedding ring. Don't see that too often

Sleeve And More

I'm Not Sure What It Is

My Next Wife

Sharp Full Color Tattoo On Alabaster Complexion

Another WNBA Referee's Uniform

Partial Sleeve

Royal Blue Works For Me

Pinup With Custom Chevy

Butterfly Tattoos

Pretty Gal With Sleeve

Milkshake Good

Nice Tights