Thursday, September 26, 2013


Thanks to those of you who still come by.

Recuperating From Huge Migraine

Sunday night I had a dream that my head hurt. Sure enough I wake up Monday in Hawthorne NV with a fiercely splitting migraine. Marie and I break camp and head for home. The day gets longer and longer as my head hurts more and more.
Finally, I decide I'm not going to get home, so we pull into Flag City. I could hardly keep from throwing up and passing out. Tuesday, Marie takes me to Kaiser, and I get the shots in the butt. That usually wipes me out for 3-4 days, and this time was no exception. Only today, with the help of drugs, am I able to eat and sit outside. Driving is out of the question for at least another day.
Anyway, I posted a bunch more pictures and text. You know the drill, go to the 2013 Midwest link in the footer and read on.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Kills Me

What A Great Back To A Dress

It is a skull. How boss is that!

I Love Pink

I Can't Recall This Gal's Name


I just liked her on Facebook. What a maroon I am. She did the HBO specials talking bluntly about sex. They were on a few years ago. Katie something. She's one of the prettier porn stars.

Gabbs NV

The oldest continuing mining operation in Nevada is in Gabbs. There were three caches here in town, one actually inside the bar in the bottom pic. We went in and the bartender was clueless, but the owner was sitting at the bar and she spoke up. We had a soda and watched a little football on the telly.
We then drove back to Hawthorne, ate pizza and read the paper. Tomorrow we'll break camp, pack up into duffle bags, and drive back to Concord.

Ione From The Upper End

It looked like one of the caches washed away, but we found the other one in an old horse drawn wagon's glove box. Or whatever the little box at the rear end of a wagon is called. Hell, I'm a city boy, I couldn't tell which end was up.
One of the locals who lived within view of the wagon was calling out to me when I got warm. He sent hid daughter down to help me, and we spoke a bit. She homeschools, but her younger sister goes to school in Gabbs. They too shop in Fallon.

Ione NV

Ione is about 5 miles from Berlin, and there were two caches in town, so we drove to town. I had forgotten that Ione was the first county seat of Nye County. All of my Nevada books got tossed in the Purge, so some of my memory is thin.

Ruins Of Berlin NV

I mistakenly thought there would be more here than just a few buildings. This park is 90 miles from Fallon, where the docents who work here go shopping. The park is open April to October.

In The Quarry

Some of the darker grey are the fossils. There are a number of Itchy Saures in a pile in the quarry. Discovery was in 1953. Fossils have been found all through the state park. Seeing them in person really brings them out.

The View From The Quarry

Itchy Saruses

That's not really the spelling or the pronunciation. These reptiles breathed air through a blowhole and birthed live young.

First Stop Of The Day


I had downloaded a few caches and the first two were in Luning. This used to be a railroad stop, and the line ended in Mina, 11 miles away. Nothing in town appeared open. But we found the two caches and pressed on.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

View From Our Spot

The wind was blowing something fierce when I took these. The brown isn't smoke, but dust. Now as I write, a storm is moving through, dropping big, fat drops on the coach. The A's game was delayed today due to the weather, and it is currently 39° in Verdi at Gold Ranch. Kind of early in the season for such a cold storm.
Tomorrow, we're going to Berlin State Park to see the ghost town of Berlin and the fossils. We'll geocache a bit as well. Should be a good last full day before we head back to Concord on Monday.

Staying In Hawthorne

Here's our spot at Whiskey Flats RV in Hawthorne NV. We're paying about $23 a night, for full hookups without cable. For a few more dollars, we could have gotten a concrete pad and cable. Not once during the last month have we hooked up the tv. Sirius and WiFi are plenty for us.

Classic Tattooed Pinup

Sexy Blonde With Glasses And Cleavage

The Only Thing Missing Is Me

More Leggy Peggy

Lots Of Leggy Peggy

I Love Red

Pretty Pinup With P-51


Sexy Pinup On Old School Phone

Tattooed Pinup In Blue And Black

Friday, September 20, 2013

Muckers Win!

One of the nice things about deciding to stay in Tonopah was that the high school football team was home on Friday night. Marie and I were kind of worn out, but we persevered and took in the game. Admission was $5 each and I bought $10 worth of raffle tickets and hot dogs and drinks as well.
Sandy Valley was the opposition, they're from Primm NV, which is at the state line with California on I-15. You drive past it on the way to Vegas.
I realized when the teams lined up for the opening kickoff that it was 8 man football. I've never watched 8 man before. There seemed to be a lot of misdirection running plays called on both sides.
Sandy Valley scored the first two touchdowns and I thought this would be a long night for the good guys.
But the Mucker D held tough in the last three quarters and the offense got the ball back down 2 points with time running out in the 4th quarter. There were two 4th down penalties that kept the Mucker drive alive. Finally, with 15 seconds left, the Mucker running back swept around left end and won the game.
I'm glad we stuck it out, as it was an exciting finish.
There were only 20 kids suited up for the Muckers. And, they had 9 cheerleaders that kept on cheering until the end. I remember having energy like that. One thing the gals did was they did 6 pushups every time the Muckers scored.

Nevada's Lonliest Golf Course

This is also Nevada's longest 9 hole course. They charge $30 for 9 holes and $40 for 18. No wonder the course doesn't get much play.