Friday, August 30, 2013

I Got Our South Dakota Plates Today

Now I have current plates and registration. Today was a big step, as the package came with the plates for the scooter and the coach. Katy brought them out when she came out today, and I immediately put them on the coach. My mail company, Americas Mailbox, will send my mail anywhere I ask them to. So, when they emailed me that the plates had arrived from the South Dakota DMV, I had them sent the package to Katy's house, which they did. In about 10 days, I'll have whatever is in my box sent to Big James' house in Independence. That's how we will get our mail, once we go full time in March of next year.
I can't find the document I need to change the trailer plate, so I think I'm going to keep the California plate for a while. The Permanent Trailer plate costs me $10 for 5 years, and you can't beat that. When I get home, I'll get a copy of the registration. Ralph, who used to be in that line of work, thinks a sharp LEO will notice that the states don't match on the trailer and the coach. Ralph called it "reasonable suspicion", not probable cause. I defer to the expert on this matter. He added that having mismatched state plates like this is a sign of a stolen vehicle.
The best part is that I overpaid Pennington County and am getting a refund check for $42. Getting the new plates takes me one step closer to implementing The Plan.

Marie, Chico And Katy Enjoying A Kid Free Afternoon

Of course I love my godchildren, but it was good for us three to visit and eat breakfast (that I burned, I had the new griddle insert so hot by accident that when I put the butter on the cooking surface, it immediately caught fire. Sadly, the hash browns took the brunt of it) and visit. Later in the day, while Katy and I were shopping, I explained to her that we're not just "friends" but "hanai ohana", which of course is how I'm the Nieces to Pieces uncle. Katy liked that, and I reaffirmed to her that I always refer to Charlie as my step brother, and her as my sister in law.

Camping At Smithville Lake In Clay County, Missouri

Thanks to the FSM, we got the best spot in the place. We have one of the few pull thru's and there's room for two cars and the rig. We even have pavement in front of our door so we can set up our outdoor cooking equipment, which we used today for breakfast and dinner.
It was pretty empty yesterday, but people sure came in today. All they had left was unimproved camp spaces, ones without water or electricity. The campground even has  laundry, which is something you don't see often at a publicly owned campground.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nothing Left In The Queue

I posted all my saved pics and have no more vacation pics to post either. I'll have vacation pics by Sunday or Monday. Be sure to come back then.

Beautiful 300 Convertible

Any idea as to when Chrysler started using the pentagon as a corporate symbol?

Pretty Gal Outside

Keeley Looking Yummy

57 Ford Tudor Police Special

Notice the radar in the top pic. It is hanging out the passenger window.

Nice Boots

Lavender Is A Good Color

My Next Wife Out Of Control

Nice 55 Bel Air

Topless Gal Shooting A Flaming Arrow

Happy Naked Blonde

Sexy Pinup

My Next Wife

Looks Like A Greek Goddess

I Love Red

Sharp Hudson

In The Bath

Still Can't Climb A Rope

Nice Black And White

On The Ropes

35 Dodge

I Don't Fit In These

My Beetle has more head room than the Rolls

Pretty Gal With Great Bewbies

This Kills Me

Unusual Topless Gal From India

You don't see all that much India porn out and about. There's a real taboo against it

Rock Hard Butt

Ella In Clothes

Keely Looking Yummy

Cool Cast

My Next Wife As That Palin Woman

Lisa Ann is a hundred times hotter, and not afraid of the penis or vagina.  That's why she's my next wife.


My Next Wife

Proper Kitchen Attire

This Kills Me