Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This Kills Me

Sexy Red Hair

Sexy Pinup With Custom

Sexy Pinup With Stock Harley

A Great Dress

Pinup With Camaro In Boonies

Classic Pinup In Red Satin

Proper Kitchen Attire

Classic Pinup

Sexy Red And Black Bra With Sleeve

Loving The Tea Baggers

No Kidding

Not When I've Been Sailing

Which was only once when I was a kid, but still. Maybe more people would give a shit about sailing if the crews looked and dressed like this.

A Great Looking Gal

Team Boo-TAY

Hunting Wabbit

Buick Wildcat

My grandparents had one for a while. It had a buzzer you could set to buzz when you exceeded your set speed.

Really Pretty 1950 Pontiac

The nicest one we'll ever see. The head of the Chief lights up. How cool is that?

Any Ideas?

Slick Black Cadillac

When cars were cars. Of course they didn't last 250k+ without hardly breaking down.

With The Continental Option

Cool Fury

 I see a few Furies at the car shows that Craig H goes to. Not a classic you see often

Nice Chevy

Classic Continental

"Continental" is a great name for a luxury car

Any Ideas?

Really Red Impala

Sharp 58

This Is Way Cool

I Saw A DeSoto In Independence

 had gone to Taco Bell and there was one in the lot. I, for some reason, didn't take any snaps of it. Go figure.

Nice Looking Car

Something You Don't See Everyday

Mildly Customized Caddy