Sunday, June 30, 2013

5 Months And Counting

Marie is putting in her paperwork tomorrow to retire on the 30th. She's done.  Her department wronged her at the end, so it became time to retire.
I'm about ready to call for my packet from the Teamsters.  One guy came over from the Mailroom,  so I'm blindly hoping that there's one buyout for the drivers. I'm 3rd on the list since KC is retiring at the end of the month.
I'm also thinking that the company is going to get rid of the Home Delivery people, and that could mean buyouts in seniority order. I'm not the only one who sees it coming, it is a matter of when, not if.
If it comes to the end of the year and there's good rumor, I may stay for 500 hours and get credit for another year towards the pension. But if there's no buyout by March or April of next year, I'm done.

Any Ideas?

I'm guessing Mopar.  How about you?

Cadillac Limousine

I Never Tire Of Lisa Ann

Reminds Me Of The She Devil In The Face

Classic Pinup

The Red And The Black

Cool Woody


Great Tattoos

Old School Cadillac Biarritz

Notice the bucket seats, which was a rare option at the time. Also the cruise control, to the left on the dash in the third picture down. Caddy has used the Biarritz name again in the 80's.

Any Ideas?

One of these trucks used to come down my street twice a day, every workday, when i was a kid. A guy down the block that we didn't know got picked up for work in one. I don't know what the make or model is, and I've never seen another one live since.

This Kills Me

This Is Cool

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Woman's Toilet In Japan

You squat over the bowl, using the foot rests to squat on. I'm such a klutz, I'd fall over while pooping.  We're not supposed to sit upright when pooping, squatting is the natural position.

Forearm Tattoo

Dangerous Devil Woman

I Love Gals In Glasses

Sharp Looking Studebaker Super Hawk

I Love The El Dorado

I've Seen One Of These Before

When I was in Single Copy, on my Sunday shift in Los Gatos.  Not many of these made it across the Pacific.  Air cooled engine. The cabin heater had a separate gasoline tank under the hood to run the heater. I don't think I could fit in one.

Needs To Eat

Very Pretty Lacey

My Next Wife Lucy C

Cool Old Hudson

Sexy Pinup With Old Mercury

My Kind Of Caddy

Sexy Pinup With Old Ford

Out On A Picnic With Me

Hides Her Forehead Like Lisa Ann