Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Next Tattoo

I love bacon

This Kills Me

Very Pretty Smile

Sexy Pinup

Ella Is So Photogenic

There's just something about her. Whatever "it" is, she has it.


More From My Next Wife Lisa Ann


I Love Plaid

This Kills Me

Help Me I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up


A Good Looking Gal

Leggy Pinup

Good Looking 57

I Love Cupcakes

Sexy Pinup

Nice Print And Pose

Good Looking Classic Chevy

I Don't Get The Piercings

Everything about this gal is appealing.  But the piercings detract from her look.


I Like The Attire

Feeling Patriotic Today



A Good Looking Gal

Sunday, April 28, 2013

16 Posts Today

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Ocean View North Of Watsonville

And the path from the parking lot.

The Focus Of Our Drive Today

Very Yellow Scout

I don't ever recall seeing an International dealer at any time in my life. Somebody sold them.

Parrot Downtown Boulder Creek

Really Old Ford Galaxie 500

The plate sequence says 1963 model. The first year of the yellow on black plates. Looked in good shape. Has a 289 in it.

Pay Phone In Downtown Boulder Creek

.50 a call.

Bikers Lined Up In Front

There's some kind of eating and drinking establishment right after the construction.  It is a bad mix,  drinking and riding.

Dying On The Vine

I'm about 80% sure I'm retiring at the end of the year. With the plant closing and my industry taking a death spiral, I'm hardpressed to think of an reason to stay. Once we take our next pay cut in October to pay for our medical,  that will be enough nonsense for me.
Besides, Marie asked me the other day about going to Death Valley next spring to see the flowers. Can't spend a month in Shoshone if I'm working.

Great Lumber Sign

It looked like there was some neon to it as well.

Street Scenes In Boulder Creek

Entering Boulder Creek

This is in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in redwood country. We continued south on SH-9 and drove through some pretty countryside. Gas was even under $4 a gallon right in town. We saw more than one sportbike and moto getting gas.