Thursday, February 28, 2013

Did He Fart?

Why are none of the gals sitting by the guy? I guess it is all cool to be alone with 8 gals in a hot tub, but if they're not even close to you, well hell. Maybe they are all related to him. Or they're all sister wives. Which makes him a baller.

Sexy Looking Gal

Sharp Key West Movie House

Poached from my pal Meesha.

I'm A Sucker For This Look

Topless in denim shorts. Mmm mmm good

A Beautiful Athletic Gal

I'd Be Her Passenger Anytime

Scary Britney

I'd Say Yes To This Proposal

This Kills Me


A Sexy Pose

Two From My Next Wife

Never Happened To Me

Missed Deliveries

I forgot to close the roll up door one night and Marie and I spent a good 90 minutes picking up Pinnacles off the highway. Missed breakfast and everything.

What A Headline

This Kills Me

Theory And Practice

This Looks Like Fun

This Kills Me

A Real Mini Van

Classic Sexy Pinup

A Great Pose

This Is A Sexy Look

Too Bad I Don't Play Guitar

An Interesting Looking Gal

I love her face and her subtle expression

This Made Me Chuckle

Back In The Day

What A Great Sticker

Poor Piglet

Not When I'm At The Grocery Store

The Non Smiling Poppy

She's a good looking gal and worthy of a Salud

Good Looking Pinup

There's A Solution. Unionize

Love The Tattoo

One For Rev

There You Go

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

I Like Blue

Sexy Pose At Beach