Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Senior Driver's Chair

This is the chair I sit in on the dock.I've got everyone on they crew bamboozled into believing that the chair is only for the most senior driver on the crew. And, you guessed it, that's me! Jeremy The Fleet Manager (and my boss) can't believe that the other drivers accept it. He's as surprised as I am. About 6 or 7 weeks ago Kat drug the chair around the tarmac with a fleet car. Everyone got a big laugh out of it, including me. But, notice the chair is back and my fat ass fits snug as a bug in it.
I've thrown chairs on the roof more than once to getting lazy asses out off the chair and working. But nobody has the balls to toss this one.

Sexy In Lingerie

This is a good looking gal.

Arty Pics Of The Day

My Next Wife Almost Naked

Pin Up And Old Pickup

Look at the plate. It isn't correct. That's a car plate, not a commercial plate that pickups in my state are supposed to have. And that makes me super geek for noticing it in the first place and knowing the difference in plate sequences.

Not Even

Can you imagine a clumsy lummox like myself trying to surf?

She Devil

No, not THE She Devil. But you get the gist of it.

My Next Wife Wearing Clothes

I know, what a shocker.


The Heart Of The Matter

My Next Wife Showing Cleavage

I got this on Facebook of all places.

More Boo-TAY

Sexy Brunette


Pretty Gal


Kitty In Green

Picnic Legs

What The Hell Is That?

On her right chest it looks like a pig tattoo. What do any of you think?

This Was Me In My 20's


 Helena is a classically beautiful woman

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This Kills Me

How I'll Paint My Next House

This Is Way Cool

Look Close

Sperm towards the egg. This kills me.

Very Pretty Gal

Not My Ex Wife

Digging The Panties

These are some serious 50's style panties. And I did notice the print as well.


What an unhappy looking bride. I don't think any of my wives were that sour right after we said vows.


Nice Legs

I like the white shirt look as well.

Not In My Truck



My Kind Of Gal

Rocking Out

Running Towards Me

In my dreams.

A Good Looking Gal

Cool Headphones

Here's A Real Man

This is the devotion dads should have towards their children

For Someone I Used To Know

Never On My Motorcycle