Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leopard Print Top And Bike

Sexy And Nicely Shaped

I've said this before, but I do like the curvier, thicker gals.

Older Gal With Sharp Side Tattoo

Gal And Car

Your WTF For The Week

This Kills Me

Interesting Side Tattoo

This Kills Me

Pin Up In Leopard Print Dress And Car

Maybe I Should Like The Beach More

Gal And Caddy

I sure miss my DeVille. What a great car to go on trips in. The Bose stereo sounded really good loud. The car always ran good and only left me stranded once, when the starter went out in Laughlin. It was a bit of a hassle to get it fixed, eventually the repair shop sent it out to be rebuilt. It didn't bother me all that much, I just didn't play golf for a day or three.
I think Cadillac still makes a 4 door full sized sedan, but it isn't called the "DeVille" anymore. When I had my DeVille I even bought on ebay two Cadillac polo shirts with the design on them. They too disappeared over the many moves.

I Would Not Wear This Hat

Even if I were a Gamecocks fan. Cocks. Right on the hat. Jesus.

My Next Wife


I don't get it.

Sexy Gal And Car

I Call Bullshit

First off, I doubt the tree would grow around the frame of the bicycle like this. Secondly, and the real reason I call bullshit, America didn't enter WWI until after 1914. So, what American boy "went to war" in 1914? No American boy went to war in 1914. Make up a better story.

One I'm Not Looking To Fill

More Of Rev's Next Wife, Lucy C

Joe's Style Of Tent Camping

Isn't This The God's Truth

How any woman can vote for Mitt is beyond me.

Walking The Snake

This Made Me Laugh

Duggar Family Volkswagon

Good Looking Stockings

Though you get just a peek of them in this pic.

I'm Not Irish



Nice Curtains

Nice Black And White

Sitting On The Rocks

This Kills Me


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

11 Visitors From Albania

I took a peek at my feedjit and saw someone came from Albania. Turns out that 11 people have visited from Albania since I started the blog last year. I've had visitors from 161 countries come by, which I think is hella cool. The latest country to be represented is New Caledonia.

Rev's Flash Drive

Pin Up With Old Pickup

Pin Up With Cleavage

Pin Up With Old Chevy Pickup

Pin Up With Vette

Not In Any Bar I've Been In

Tired Of The BBQ

Or maybe it is shopped.

Didn't See This In Star Wars Either

The Gal Dressed Like Supergirl...

...reminds me of how the She Devil looked when I met her 30+ years ago.

Should Be Naked


My Next Wife

Like A Boss

This is pretty cool. I bet a handy guy like Rev would enjoy something like this.

Sharp Tattoo Model