Friday, December 21, 2012

Personal Vindication

Back when I was still dispatching, there was a guy I had words with. Serious words. He came up to me one day during the holiday season bragging that he again got Turkey Day off. For some reason this rubbed me the wrong way. So I went to the scheduler, James A, and confirmed it with him. When James told me it was true, I had a hissy and told James I was bumping this guy off the holiday. And, in fact if James didn't schedule me off for Christmas and New Years Eve as well, why I'd scream "favoritism" and "violation of the contract."
So, to get me back, that piece of shit James A calls this guy and tells him that I'm the cause of the day off being retracted. Just shows what a cowardly piece of shit James A is. He's the same James A who tried to get the petition to stop paying into the health with retirement.
Anyway, this was right after I had lost my temper so I had to be really careful. The guy tracked me down and we had words. Not yelling and screaming, but harsh never the less. In fact we didn't speak for months afterwards. I could never get my basic question answered: Why did you, with 18 years less seniority than me, get a day off that I don't have the seniority to get? He said stuff about his family and blah blah, and he called me a rat. I offered to take it off the property, as I couldn't lose my temper again and keep my job.
Fast forward to earlier this week. We're on the dock and this guy is unhappy. I get in on the tail end of the conversation and he looks at me and says, " I know how you felt."
He explains that a less senior guy, one of the casual dispatchers, is getting Xmas week off because he hasn't used up his float days yet and we can't carry them over to the next year. He does this every year. If you want float days, you're supposed to designate a week and assign them or use them up by that week, or you take that week off on vacaction. Just to prevent 10 of us from wanting Xmas week off.
This guy was agitated, and I guess he then understood why I was so upset when he bragged about what he got. He did say he took it very personal, and I assured him that it wasn't personal for me. Hell, I really did want Turkey Day off.
So, I got some personal vindication for taking a principled stand on this issue. I was right and I knew it. And the real lesson to learn here is if you're getting something something, keep your fucking mouth shut!

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