Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Next Doormat


Dexter As A Child

Still Not Under My Tree This Xmas

Cool De Soto

Galaxie 500

When I was a kid, my late brother Kurt and I would tie a broom onto the wagon and call it the "Galaxie 500". We didn't have one as a kid, beats the hell out of me. We thought the name was cool. Here's the real deal.


This Kills Me

Scary Dress

This Kills Me

Sharp Pants

Jesus Said To Buy This Car

When I was growing up on the block, we had a couple of neighbors who were serious bible beaters. One of the families, the G's, went car shopping. They couldn't decide between two of the cars, so when the first car wouldn't fire right up, they went to the second car. It was a Mercury like this one, but not nearly as nice and with some decent rear end damage. But, it fired right up on the first turn of the key and Mrs G said it was a sign from God that they buy the damaged car and not the car in better shape. IIRC, it had a power rear window, which was pretty cool. 
Dale A's dad had a 1960 Lincoln and it too had the power rear window.

This Kills Me

A Good Look



Especially Late At Night

Classic Pin Up

This Kills Me

That's Stewie on the dent.

Back In The Day

When I was the Sunshine's dad, I would go and watch her play softball. Both before high school and in high school there was a code of conduct for the parents. I guess too many parents got out of hand yelling at the kids. Hell, they're children, there's no need to yell at them, even if they're on the other team. When the Sunshine went to high school she told the ex to ask me not to root so loudly for her, and god forbid I called her "Sunshine" in high school. I sure miss the Sunshine, I'm not sure what's happened between us.

Just The Opposite

The She Devil was 4'11" tall. We looked like Mutt and Jeff. The ex was short as well. I can't recall if she was 5'2" or 5'4". For both these gals it was a long way down to kiss.
When I was in my 20's, I went to a Tall Club mixer. There were tall women there. But it was like new people weren't really welcomed. I felt uncomfortable and under dressed. It looked more geared for professional types and that's never been me. I did apply for membership but never heard back.
I knew a tall gal when I worked at the Daily Review. It was a shame she was already taken because she was hella attractive. I nicknamed her "The Amazon." I can't recall her name but she got the ax shortly before we all did.

Who Is This?

1941 Plymouth Woody

Great looking woody.

1947 Buick Roadmaster

A sharp old Buick for sale in the Kansas City Metroplex. The Roadmaster name was used by Buick up unitl they quit making the full sized rear wheel drive sedan, the one that shared the platform with the Cadillac.

Sharp Back Piece

And topless in jeans, one of my favorite looks.


Sexy Pose

Look at all that blank canvas for tattoo art.

Almost Not Wearing A Top At All

Not Under My Tree This Xmas Either

Still Wouldn't Go Fishing

Boob Hat For The Nursing Baby

This Kills Me

My Kind Of Kitchen Attire

Make me pancakes!

God Only Knows

Power toothbrush? Womb scrubber? The possibiltes are endless.

I Really Like This Look

Yet more reason to have a fully nude tattoo magazine. When I win the lottery, that's on the list.

This Kills Me

A Good Look

Going On Next Year's Xmas Cards

This Kills Me

This Is A Good Color On This Gal

A few months ago I had more than one gal on wearing blue. It is a good color for all skin tones and hair colors. The two colors of blue here look delish.


My Kind Of Car Wash