Friday, November 16, 2012

Leaving For Missouri

No, not quite yet. We're leaving from Fremont tomorrow morning after Marie gets off work and comes and picks me up in my dad's pickup. From the weather reports I've seen on line, it is going to rain Saturday and maybe a touch of snow at the passes. I'm gambling that we'll get through Donner Pass without needing chains, of which I'm not putting on my dad's truck. This is where I really miss the Suburban that I gave to my step daughter Nicole.
If you read the old blog you may have read about my visit to my blood cousin in Elko, Judy. I messaged her and she's all up for Marie and I to stop by and visit. We're probably staying in Elko anyway on Saturday night, so it will work out well.
One of my faithful readers lives in Utah and I think we're meeting her as well on Sunday as we pass through on I-80.
Monday night should find us in the Kansas City Metroplex visiting my step brother Charlie and his wife Katy and my two godchildren. There's pro hockey in Independence, MO and we plan to go on Tuesday night. I also want to stop by Adam Clay's and eat delicious bacon cheese hot dogs again. Charlie drove past his stand last week and Adam is still in business. I noticed a couple of recent reviews on Yelp for Adam as well.
Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we'll head to Independence KS and see my pal Big James and family. We'll stay in town until Sunday, then start heading home. We need to be home Wednesday night, so if the weather holds we'll stop at a few touristy spots on the way home. It occurred to me that I've not eaten at the Eagle Cafe in Datil NM since before I met the ex. And Petrified Forest and Meteor Crater can be on the way home as well. I've mentioned this but I'd like to eat at the Heart Attack Grill in Vegas, but I don't know if we'll have the time to detour that far out of the way. The drive on US-60 from I-25 in Socorro NM to Arizona is quite scenic and Marie has not seen that neck of the woods ever.
Long story short, this should be my last post until I post from the road. So, come back maybe Tuesday or Wendesday and I should have some new content up by then.
And, as always, thanks for making my corner of the Internet one of your regular stops.

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poodlesplace said...

Good to meet you both today Joe!