Friday, November 30, 2012


When I was younger, I used to be able to bite my toenails. That was a long time ago. I don't think I've ever been able to hold a book and read it like this.

Interesting Stockings

How Santa Should Look


Poppy is this gal's name and I've had her on the blog a few times. She's the gal that smiles without showing any teeth, just like I do.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Final Pictures Posted

I've put up all the Missouri pics on the blog. Click on the "Missouri 2012" tag in the footer and all the pictures should come up.

And Just Like That, The Trip Is Over

After Meteor Crater, there wasn't much left to see, so we began the long slog home. We stayed in Needles for our last night. Never get gas in Needles, go through town and cross the Colorado River by the golf course. Drive a couple of minutes to the AM/PM on the left where gas is over $1.20 a gallon cheaper.
This rest area is outside of Boron CA. I noticed on the way home that my state has spend some of my tax money on rebuilding rest stops. A fine use of my money.
We drove over 4000 miles and averaged between 16 and 20 miles per gallon, depending on how fast I drove.

Test Capsule

This was used by NASA back in the day to test out what would be the landing module for some of the Apollo missions.

Meteor Crater

This is not a publicly owned site, but the founding family charges $16 each to view the crater. Here's the wiki. I've been here before but Marie hadn't. I guess it is worth it to see once, but it really doesn't change over the years. Don't stop here on the same day you see the Grand Canyon, it takes away from the splendor of the crater.

Open Range Land On The Way To Meteor Crater

A couple of them just wandered right out in front of us.

"Standin' On The Corner"

I'm pretty sure you know the song Taking It Easy by the Eagles and the line in the song about  the girl in the flatbed Ford et al. The city of Winslow had given you a reason to get off the freeway and drive through town to look at this. Being that Marie and I are shameless tourists, we availed ourselves to that opportunity. In the bottom pic you can see the red flatbed Ford to the right and the painting of the girl on the building to the left. This can be considered hokey, but you might as well take advantage of what you've got.

My Namesake City

Final View

Here's the wiki on the Petrified Forest. If you're ever out this way, I can't recommend enough planning on a couple of hours to see all of it off the highway. You won't be disappointed.

Painted Desert

Here's the wiki

Newspaper Rock

Since I've been in the newspaper business since I was 13 years old, anything named "Newspaper" has caught my attention. You can't see the rock drawings with the naked eye from the lookout, but the NPS has thoughtfully provided a terrascope to focus in on the drawings.

Agate Bridge

In 1919 the concrete supports were added. In the modern way of thinking, the Park Service would have let the log fall into the ravine. It is about 110 feet long.

Jasper Forest

Crystal Forest

You Can't Really See Him

But there was a big crow or raven with a nice sheen on his feathers and it looked like he ate well out here in the Petrified Forest.

Colorful Geologic Formation

The colors remind me of parts of Death Valley.

Inside The Museum