Monday, October 29, 2012

58th Post Of The Day

I cleaned out my cache of content this morning. The first post of the day is of today's Page 3 gal, so go all the way back to that post to catch up. If you post enough on one day, Blogger has a capcha screen that comes up so you have to prove you're not a robot. That happens to me on occasion.

Sharp Looking Chevy Convertible

I think I mentioned this on the old blog, but I'll post the story here as well. Back in the day when I was living with the She Devil, she had a sister in law who had a Camaro convertible. We borrowed it for a week and took a Fall drive up to Oregon, around Crater Lake and such. I thought it was pretty cool to drive the convertible and I had the top down almost the whole way.  I don't think it is an acceptable replacement for a motorcycle, but when the day comes that I can't/don't ride anymore, having one would be pretty cool.
You really couldn't hear the stereo with the top down and I was too tall for the car, needing to look almost over the windshield to see where I was driving.
The biggest drawback was that old Sol really focused on my nose. I burned the hell out of my nose and I still have odd acne on my nose sometimes to this day and we went for the car ride over 10 years ago. When I get cancer on my nose I'll know why. Don't freak, faithful readers. I don't have any moles or growths on my nose and I check every day. If there's the slighest concern about a spot on my nose, I'm going to the dermatologist right away.

This Kills Me

Though I have three kids, I really have none. So, the RV is just the same purchase as two really nice cars that people without kids buy when they have the money. Two of my kids appear to not be speaking to me and the third I've not heard from in a while. You try and do, no hell, you DO the right thing by kids and well, you get an unsatisfactory return on investment.

A Good Tattoo Of Marilyn

So many tattoos of people turn out badly, but here's a pretty good one of Marilyn. I like her Norma Jean look better than her Marilyn look.

Cammo And Legs

Sharp Gal And Caddy

Even though it has been lowered, and I'm not a big fan of cars that ride on the ground, I'd still drive the hell out of this car. And the gal can ride with me as well. At least until Marie came and kicked her ass.

Classic Pin Up

I really like this look.


Sign Fail

I have the sense of humor of an immature 12 year old.

This Made Me Chuckle

I Had Hemp Underwear

Back about 75 pounds ago I had a couple of pair of XXL hemp boxers with the pot motif. They were pretty cool to have but didn't quite fit then, much less now. They don't really stretch and I tore them at the seams. Of course it didn't help that I was a fat ass.

Thumb Drive

This kills me.

My Next Wife Lisa Ann

London In the Field

Not only do I think London is hella sexy, but I want my male readers to see a heavier gal naked and see that I think they can be sexy as well. And, I want my female readers to not only see "perfect" gals on my blog, but gals that look like real women look. Only one gal I liked in life was petite, the rest of them were round and curvy.

Gal In A Leela Costume


This Kills Me

I Like This Look

The ring of flowers in her hair is especially attractive.

I Need This

Of course in 3xlt.

Sharp Pose In Front Of Chevy Truck

That's a good looking red she's wearing.

Lucy C Is A Good Looking Gal

I Do Love Me The Coupe DeVille's

It just occurred to me. Back a long while ago, before I bought my DeVille, my Uncle was selling his white Coupe DeVille. It has 170k on the clock and he wanted $5000 for it. I thought he wanted too much money for a car with that many miles and I didn't buy it. But, it would have been the bomb to drive. Assuming I could have afforded it at the time.

My Next Wife Jordan

Haven't seen much new from my next wife Jordan of late. I still think her nipples look like everyone else's and she should show them.

A Classic Pin Up Look

Theory and practice.

A Couple Of Pin Up Cuties

I Love Pie

This Is Just The Fucking Bomb!

The Caddy! The Gal! How cool would it be to have them both? Though I'd take the car first, of course. And I love the color. What a great car to drive, or be driven in.

I Don't Do This

If something irritates me I'll say something eventually, but I'm not one to share ALL my thoughts and feelings. Some things are better left thought of and not said out loud.

I Like This Look

I first drove one of these PT Cruisers in Kansas, when Charlie and Katy got married. Rich O had flown out and rented one from the airport to drive to Topeka, where the wedding was. The next day at breakfast I asked him if I could take it for a quick spin and he agreed. I actually fit in it and thought it was pretty cool to drive.
Later in life, the ex and I needed a car for a few days and we rented one. I still liked it, until it was time to put gas in it. For a small car it got only 23 mpg or so. What the hell is up with that? The ex's Escape got better mileage than that and it had more room for people and dogs. The mileage is why we didn't buy one when we bought the Escape. Still, I do like the looks of them. Marie's sister is an EMT and she says some of the most unsurvivable accidents she sees are involving PT Cruisers. They seem to fold up like a tin can.

This Kills Me

Sharp Pin Up In Turquoise

I'll Allow This

Though I'm not a biker by any means, I'll allow a bike to tow my coffin if need be. However, I'd rather you all spend the money on a kick ass party with a live band.

Hell Of An Idea

Pink Impala

That's a 1960 Impala, in case you were wondering. I like the swimsuit.

I'd Try Some Just On Principle

I knew that the guys in AC/DC were starting to produce their own wine in Australia, but I didn't know they've licensed a beer as well. They are one of my top three or four bands.

Nice Legs

I'm Guilty Of This

I dated a gal once that had nice cleavage and she would show it off. Not all slutty but tasteful. I couldn't help but to look all the time. Guilty as charged.

Another Koozie

Maybe It Is Me

But would you want your new wife's boobies hanging out all over the place when you cut the cake? Now, as a viewer I'm certainly not objecting, but as her husband I don't think I'd be all that thrilled.
I knew a guy, Ray Bear, who had a GF at the time with a huge set of hooters. She was a bikini model and the whole bit. She couldn't help but stick them out and men used to just stare at her. I'm a fan of all things breasts, but I don't think I'd be thrilled with men constantly staring at my GF. Or, maybe I'm missing something and it is pretty cool to be getting what so many others are lusting after. Beats the hell out of me.

Dumbo With Gauges


What Blind Dates Do When They See It Is Me

My New Handyman

This Kills Me

Theory And Practice

Always Together

Sexy Boudoir Pic

Great Costume