Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trip Pictures

Instead of not posting my nonsense, I tagged the car ride pics from the ride Marie and I took Friday and Saturday. Look at the bottom of the footer, it says "9/12 drive." Click on that and only the trip pics will come up. That way those of you not interested in boobs, cars, atheism and such can still enjoy the travel pics. For the rest of you, scroll away!

Sexy Pin Up With Old Plymouth

It isn't like you couldn't tell, but I dig pics like this.

50's Style At The Beach

Pretty Red Head Pin Up In Blue Polka Dots

Truer Words Never Spoken

Red Bikini And Car

Pretty Pin Up Gal In Sharp Dress

With a beer in front of her no less. I approve of this message.


That's what the Christians do best, ram it down everyone's throat. They can't even make up their own minds in agreement as to what "God" says or means. What a bunch of hooey.

Attire I Approve Of

Most of her skin is covered up with clothing and she still looks drop dead sexy. Whew!

Sharp Camaro Drop Top

Another Pretty Gal On A Bike

Pretty Gal On Bike

This Kills Me

Pretty Gal At Beach

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Not At My Parts House


Z The Man

My grandnephew Zander. From the first moment I held him I loved him. Just that fast.

A Pretty Gal

This is a good looking gal in attire I approve of in theory and practice.

This Kills Me

Pretty Cosplay

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

There's some nonsense in Great Britian about a government official belonging to an Islamic group that is pushing the UN for a world wide law against making fun, satiring or mocking religious beliefs. That in itself is a good reason to pull out of the UN, if it passes. Our First Amendment is first for a reason. And it supersedes any silly attempts by the Islamics to bypass it. Get over it, Islam. I mock you.

Reddish Hair For Rev

Pretty Cute Pin Up In Stockings

It Isn't Truth Or Dare

If you're going to kiss a gal, KISS HER! Don't mamby pamby around.

My Kind Of Woman

And strong enough to kick all our asses.

Sexy Cosplay

I'd Give My Left Nut To Do This

Pin Up In Old Car

Sharp 31 Ford With Pin Up


Finally, Dinner At Black Bear Diner

We got off the freeway in King City and drove on Metz Rd for a while. I had given thought to driving to the Pinnacles and taking some film. When we went the last time, like a dumb ass, I forgot my movie camera. On the way there I noticed a fire truck behind me running lights only. I see him in time so I pull off. He drives past with a CHP and a Monterey County SO officer behind him. They're in a hurry going somewhere.
We drive for about a minute and notice the Amtrack train stopped on the tracks. Then we see where all the responding units are going. The train had clipped the front end of a tractor trailer and crushed the tractor. The hood was across the roadway I'd say 50 feet. The cab didn't look crushed and I didn't see a body in the cab. I did get out the movie camera and run film when I drove by, but I wasn't going to pull over and take pics. That may be a stunner to some of you, but I wouldn't like it if someone I knew was  killed in a gruesome accident and tourists got out to take pics.
The shirt I'm wearing is a 3XLT. And it fits quite nicely and covers up my fat belly That's why I'm donating all of my clothes that don't fit as nice as this polo shirt does.
On the way home we did stop and run film in San Juan Bautista. But you've seen the stills a couple of months ago and I didn't retake any.
So, Marie and I drove almost 600 miles in our overnight trip. We both had a good time.

Armed Robbery Is 211 Of The California Penal Code

Look at the price for diesel. $5.10 a gallon. We're being robbed by the oil companies. For a fuel, diesel, that takes less to manufacture (refine) that gasoline. But yet gasoline is 70 cents a gallon cheaper. Trust me, there's a reason I bought that diesel Volkswagen. I'm using as little fuel as possible in my daily life and I'm never buying a new car again. I expect my car to last me at least another 10 years of daily use, and when I retire it should last me for goddamn ever.

Old Bridge On US-101 Into Bradley

There wasn't a good place to get the best shot of the old bridge over the Salinas River. The middle pic looks like the bridge is coming apart at the seam.

Bradley CA

Marie and I drove for a while on SH-58 and we turned on the road to Pozo. There's a KOA campground out that way and I wanted to take a look. After that we got on US-101 and started to head home. I recalled another RV park in Paso Robles that I wanted to look at, so I looked it up on the GPS and we went to Wine Country RV Park. This was a top tier place and they have an adults only part of the park. Actually, the sounds of families playing and kids running around doesn't really bother me. But when I turn into an grumpy old man this place will be good to remember.
Pressing on 101, we stopped in the hamlet of Bradley, just off the freeway. Founded in 1942 and named after General Omar Bradley, there really isn't much here. 

You Don't See This Everyday

I don't speed that much anymore, so when I saw the CHP in the pickup truck shown in the top pic slowly driving down the middle of the highway, I didn't think I was in trouble. I pulled off to the shoulder and he drove up and told us that two big pieces of equipment were being moved down the highway and asked if I would stay pulled over for about 5 minutes. Hell, photo op time!
I jumped out of the Beetle and got the movie and still cameras out and managed to run some film and take these stills. This was pretty cool and you just don't see this everyday.
There was a small line of cars behind this mess, I'd hate to be in that line going about 20 miles an hour for the 65 miles from US-101.