Monday, July 30, 2012

This Kills Me

Pin Up With Sharp Coupe De Ville

Sexy Steampunk Gal

Red Headed Steampunk Gal

Classic Pin Up Pose

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Nice Pin Up Pose

I Want A Cookie

Hot Legs


Cool Building

This Kills Me

I've seen this before but can't remember if I had put it on the blog or not.


Poor Puppy

Interesting Tattoo


Scenic Downtown Verdi

This morning we drove into the scenic burg of Verdi. (verd-EYE) I wanted to mail off some post cards and I recall the post office being right in town. Sadly, as you can see in the middle pic, the post office has burned down. Some nutball went on a shooting rampage in Reno last Christmas and drove out to Verdi and burned down the post office. Now the locals have to drive all the way into Reno to get their mail. I don't know why the post office doesn't drag out a trailer like they did in Paskenta.

Old Cadillac Ambulance

This was out in front of the Aces game yesterday. It is pretty damn cool and I want one.

Old Dodge Truck In Verdi

The middle shot shows Marie playing Vanna showing off the old Dodge truck. We've seen this truck in the parking lot most every day we've been camping and eating here.

Great Name For A Business

Old Reno Sign On Lake St.

This is right along the Truckee River.

Truckee River In Downtown Reno

We're probably a par 5 from the Truckee River here in Verdi.

Galena Creek Bridge

This bridge is part of I-580/US-395 in Washoe County. The highway is almost finished and will cut the travel time between Reno and Carson City by about 10 minutes. According to the Gazette Journal, this is the longest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the country, if not the world.

Downtown Dayton

Both Dayton and Genoa claim to be the oldest settlement in Nevada. Most of Dayton is now along the road going to Dayton Valley Golf Course. There's some houses along 6 Mile Canyon Road that takes you from Ft Churchill/Dayton Road to 6 Mile Canyon Road and up towards Virginia City. Gold was discovered in Dayton in 1849 and the miners worked their way up 6 Mile Canyon and found the Comstock Lode in Virginia City.

Along The Ft Churchill/Dayton Road

The road between Ft Churchill and Dayton is about 16 miles long. On the river side of the road, things are pretty green, but on the opposite side things are mostly sagebrush. It was 91 degrees when I took these pictures. A beautiful day in the desert.

Cemetery At Ft Churchill

Most all the sodiers bodies have been reinterred in Carson City when the fort closed. The Buckland family bought the land and they're buried in the cemetery now.

36 Star Flag

Nevada was the 36th state admitted to the Union. I want a 31 star flag to fly, I just haven't got off my lazy ass and bought one yet.

Ft Churchill Ruins

At the intersection of US-95A and the Carson River lies the old Ft Churchill ruins. We paid our $7 admission and took a look around. The fort was founded about 1860 to protect the settlers, or invaders I guess, depending on your point of view. There was no Civil War battle fought in Nevada, but there was a famous Indian battle just north of the fort where the Natives killed a bunch of soldiers and civillians out for a good time killing the natives.
There's camping in the trees along the Carson River.