Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm Going To Hell

I like kissing girls so I guess I'm taking the down elevator when I die.

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Hay Bale


And a nice stretch of the back. I need something like this.

I'm Such A Klutz

I can't balance on one foot nor lift my leg that high. Age is getting to me with a vengeance.

Arty Nude

Traditional Marriage

This Kills Me

This Made Me Chuckle

Bye Bye Rush

This Kills Me

This Made Me Smile. A Little Bit

Sharp Camaro

One of my facebook pals, SDD, saw this car by her house.

This Made Me Chuckle

Back And Shoulder Tattoos

More Sexy Legs

Sexy Legs And Hot Rod

Cream Pie Shot

Looks like somebody already got there with some cream pie.


Russian Looking Gals With Guns

It Gets Us All

Though I'm kind of surprised I'm in so much pain at only 51 years old. I figured it wouldn't be until I was in my 70's or so before I was uncomfortable most all the time. I think that once I retire I'll heal up and feel much better.


A nice pic of Keeley.

My Other Next Wife

White Stockings At The Beach

This is a sharp pic.

My Next Wife

For Rev

Rev, this gal looks familiar. Maybe I've had this pic on the old blog. I can't remember, but steampunk pics are getting few and far between, so you get this one probably again. Maybe your memory is getting as bad as mine and you can't remember this gal either.

Pigeon Tattoo

Who the hell gets a tattoo of a pigeon?

Husband Hunting

Cool Bodypaint Pics Of Gals Playing Soccer


Serious Red Boots

Lisa Ann Is A Knockout At 40 Years Old

Here's the link to Lisa Ann's webpage. It is very graphic, go here if you can't handle it.

Pin Up And Legs

This Can't Be Comfortable

Though this is kind of impressive.

Bait Vending Machine

I'd have to say I've never seen one of these before.

Snoopy's Ride

For Rev

Terrible Service

I needed some OTC stuff and the Walgreens on Mc Kee is open 24 hours. So, after I sneak out of work I head over and load up my basket with $200 worth of stuff. I bought all the big bottles. The clerk rings me up and says, "I don't have any big bags." Well Einstien, put my stuff in two smaller bags. But this is too much. He tells me that I can use the basket to take the stuff to my car. Then he starts ringing up the next guy. I ask for two smaller bags and he hands them to me, expecting me to bag my own stuff. Jesus! I start to put my stuff in the bags and he takes the next guys two items and puts them in a bag with my stuff. Once we get all that mess straightened out, I'm able to depart. What a maroon.
Which reminds me of a Josh story that my next wife Sonja told me a while ago. When Josh was a teenager he worked at the family grocery in Hayward. Sonja was in line to buy stuff and the gal in front of Sonja wanted her stuff put in a bag to carry out. When she asked for a bag, Josh handed her a bag and said, "there ya go." Not put your stuff in a bag, just hand the gal the bag. Hell in a handbasket. And you wonder why I'm not surprised as to how Josh turned out?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Delivered Milk

When we moved to the East Bay, we had Williams Dairy bringing us milk every other day. I was too young to know if they got too expensive or went under. But after that we bought our milk at the dairy on Manor Bl, next to Faria Bros Hardware. They had a slushy machine that my dad would take us to when we got milk, still in the glass bottles. One day the dairy burned down and we had to buy our milk at Porter's. Foremost was still in business, I think they went tits up as well. Milk must be a tough business to be in.

Sharp Tattoos

This Made Me Chuckle

Pretty Gal

How Can Anyone Vote For This Guy?

Mitt, you weren't there. You were not in the jungles of Vietnam fighting the Viet Cong. You were hiding in France on draft deferments. You are a coward and you lie. For shame.

Palin 2012

Rich O used to come by and when he would email me he would have "Palin 2012" as a footer. Funny how Rich never comes by any more, claiming he "doesn't have time". I think if Palin was the Republican nominee for POTUS, he would be by all the time. I'd still like to see her naked.

No Shit