Friday, May 25, 2012

More Romney Truth

Mitt The Flip Flopper

Car And Legs


Josh's Real Dad

I think this was before I met Marie, but it was Josh's birthday and Mark and George bought Josh the autobiography of Vanilla Ice. We laughed like hell and just rode his ass. Now, he's always known that I didn't make him, it wasn't any big secret or anything. So, the three of us were telling him that he was a love baby between his mom (the She Devil) and Vanilla Ice. We would sing "Josh Josh Baby" and shit like that. Busted the three of us up. Maybe that scarred him so deeply that that's the reason he's disowned me as his dad.
Speaking of that, I've been thinking about that a bit. And, I've come to the conclusion that his being all butthurt over my not marrying his mom is really a cover. He knows that nobody else will call him out on his bullshit, that being he's 33 years old, married to a non working wife, three kids and not supporting any of them while they all live in a bedroom at her parents place. I sent him messages through my mom and the She Devil that we were going to hire at the paper and I could set him up with an interview. Of course nothing came of it. When I was living with him and the She Devil the second time, I called him out on all his bullshit, the not working and the daily pot smoking. Sadly, his enabler mother couldn't find the spine to back me up and when it came right down to brass tacks, I would get the boot before he would. And that's exactly what happened.

What Jimmy B Comments On On Facebook

I'm pretty tame on my facebook. I mostly use it to keep up on family and ohana. Jimmy B likes to "like" models like this. I can't say it is an objectionable pose, which is of course why it is on my blog. She does have boo-TAY. And, since I don't have the boot on my neck anymore...

This Tea Party Shit Kills Me

It seems to me that we have democratic socialism already in this country. We pay taxes to support the common good. Of course we all think we pay too much in taxes, unless you're Warren Buffett. And, there's things we spend our tax dollars on that we don't like. But, for the vast majority of things, our form of socialism seems to work.
Of course the big tea partiers who want less government, like the owners of the Cubs, want less government for everyone else and a huge government handout to refurbish Wrigley Field. Go figure.

My Holiday Tree


Hef Catches A Fish

That's Barbie Benton on the left. She was a stunner back in the day. And that's so unfair to gals today who look like this. Under today's "beauty standards", Barbie would be looking at breast implants and liposuction to be "beautiful." Or she would be photoshopped. No wonder so many women, and men, have self image problems. I will say it again, Barbie was a stunner back in the day. Way to go, Hef!

New Suit

Looks like she needs to tan those cheeks.

Getting My Vote

No Escape

There's no escaping the General Lee.


Grown Up Big Wheel

Now THIS I'd ride.

You Don't See This Everyday

It is a bath towel made out to be pixelated. This is pretty cool.

This Kills Me


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cool GM

I think it is a Pontiac, but it could just as easily be an Oldsmobile.

Nice Pic

No meaning behind it. Just a beautiful bride and her very big dog.

I Love Denim

My Next Job

This is the smock I'll be wearing at my next job, when I retire from the paper.

For Rev

Here's a good looking redhead for you, Rev.

Interesting Tattoo

Not A Good Look

I don't like the low profile tires on classic muscle cars. Doesn't look right.

Correct Anatomy

This Kills Me

Full Chest Tattoo

You don't see too many gals with this much tattoo on their chests.

And Speaking Of Shopping

I forgot to post this, but when Marie and I went to Manchester, we stopped at Lucky's to stock up. Lucky's is a good Union grocery and I like to shop there. They have a much bigger parking lot than Safeway has and it is easier to deal with the RV at Lucky's.
Anyway, we wander through the aisles and load up our cart. I push it to the check out stands and there's nobody there. Only the self checkout had someone. She asked if she could help me and I told her that I never ever use the union job destroying self checkout and if I was going to pay full price to shop at a unionized full service grocery, then I wanted full service.
There were two older scrappers standing by me with full carts and they spoke up. The first guy said he was a retired longshoreman and he agreed with me that Union members needed to shop at a Union grocery. The second scrapper said he was retired from the CWA (the phone company).I told them I was still active in the Teamsters. So, the manager overheard this and got a checker up to the front post haste to check us out.
I never use the self checkout lanes. The store isn't going to give me a discount for checking and bagging my own groceries, so why do I want to have some poor schmo not get hours at work?
I may need to try Safeway, because the last time we went to Rio Viento there were no checkers at the front at the same Lucky's. There was a bagger and I told her I was ready to be checked out and I would not destroy union jobs by using the self checkout. She gave me a high five and got someone (who had asked us out in the aisles if we had found everything OK) up front to wait on us.
I don't quite know why it is such a bug up my ass. But, if I'm going to pay more for a full service grocery visit, then god damn it, I want full service.

God Damn Wal Mart

I went to Kaiser last weekend to renew some meds and Wal Mart is on the way home. I needed a few OTC things and I though to myself, "Self, let's just pop into Wal Mart and pick up what we need. May be a little cheaper than Walgreens." The Walgreens by the house in Fremont is dingy and a hassle to get in and out of.
Well, Wal Mart in Union City was worse. They didn't have the large bottles of stuff I wanted and a couple of things they didn't even carry. And, it is such a fucking hassle to get in and out of the place. And, I guess it is my own damn fault, because I know what a hassle it is to get in and out of Wal Mart.
I ended up going to CVS by the plant and they still didn't have all of what Walgreens carries. Those damn Walgreens are everywhere, there's 69 of them in San Francisco alone. There's a nicer one out in Lathrop, by Marie's house. Maybe I'll go there from now on.

A Sexy Look

The Surgically Enhanced Deal

I saw a story on this gal not too long ago on the interwebs. She decided that she wanted to look like a Barbie Doll, so she's gone under the knife more than once to get that look. I wonder how much that kind of surgery helps your self image. Are you ever happy with one procedure, or is it like getting a tattoo, you want them over and over.

Lounging In Canada

Christina Ricci Topless

She's an interesting looking gal.

We Did This To Chico

I sure do miss my dog.

This Kills Me

I've been driving to Gilroy a couple of times a week dropping off product. Next door is a lot with two guard dogs, a German Shepard and a black dog. They bark their fool heads off when I back in the trailer. Lately, the shepard is not as motivated to bark at me, but the black dog looks just like the dog on the right when I get out of the cab and call him "babykins."
Twice this week I ran right at the dogs and jumped on the cyclone fence, growling and barking at the dogs. Made the black one nuts. Jeremy J told me he used to bring the dogs treats and they still barked at him. I like fucking with the dogs. Hell, they wait for me to come so they can fuck with me. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Coupe And Legs

Old School Army Bike

This Kills Me

Interesting Tattoo

And of course I approve of the fishnets.


I'm Not Dead

Though its not like me to not post for a week. I'm working 10 in a row so I can take 5 off over the holiday weekend. Marie and I are going to Santa Nella for the long weekend. Just like over President's Day, my pals Phil and Molly are going to drive out from San Juan Bautista and I'm going to rustle up some grub for the 4 of us.
I expect the campground pool to be open so swimming is on the menu. And, I guess I'll bring my sticks of ignorance and see if I can't get in 18 on Tuesday.
I do have fresh content for you, my faithful readers. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something Else You Don't See Every Day

Be Careful

what you wish for.

This Is Cool

I'm using this starting today.

Female Thor

There are no ice giants. And, Rule 63 strikes again.

Go Speed Go

Now this would be a cool car to drive around in.

This Is Cool

Something You Don't See Too Often

That's a gal with the Israeli flag posing in swim attire.

Back In The Day

When the American Football League started in 1960, the Denver Broncos had vertical striped socks like this. The NFL had a hell of a time duplicating the socks when the throwback uniforms started to appear during the 75th anniversary of the league. I don't thin any Bronco looked as good as this wearing the socks, though.


A Good Look