Friday, March 30, 2012

Interesting Tattoos

Jesus And The Hoodie

One More Of Lori

Here's Lori from Killboy in a classic pin up pose. She really is a good looking gal.


Like They Really Look This Good

Back in the day, those son of bitches pals of mine got me on a couple of mailing lists for mail order brides. I had sworn that if I wasn't married again by the time I was 30, I'd do it. I didn't get called out on it as I married Marie when I was 29. I worked with a guy, Bob B, who was looking at a South American matchmaking service for a wife.
Funny thing about Bob B. He got accused of whacking off in front of the neighbor girls. Santa Clara County tried him twice and he got a hung jury both times. There was some suspicion that a family member was molesting the victim as well as the accusations against Bob B.
Well, Bob takes a plea bargain and it keeps him out of prison and he keeps his job. But he's on probation and has to behave himself. He gets into a beef with his wife and she calls the cops on him for supposedly hitting her. Well, if you're on probation and the cops are called, you're going to jail. And Bob did just that. When the judge found out, he revoked Bob's probation and he served at least 8 years in prison with the other child molesters in San Luis Obispo at the men's colony.
Once Bob went in I lost contact with him. I heard he came by the paper when he got out looking for a job but that just wasn't going to happen.

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Nice Stockings

I approve of this look.

This Kills Me

Sexy Pin Up

So many of these pin up models have impeccable hair and makeup. That is an art in itself.

This Kills Me

Baby Jesus Bong

I'd use it and it would guarentee my direct ticket to hell. But, as noted Aussie philophoser B Scott said, "Hell ain't a bad place to be."

Truth From Denis Diderot

This Made Me Chuckle


This Is Odd

Great Legs

Another shot of Lori from Killboy.

This Kills Me

Good Looking Ginger For Rev

40 Of Us

With the Mega Lotto being at over $540,000,000, over 40 of us at work threw $10 each into the kitty to buy tickets for tonight's drawing. It ocurred to some of us, and we talked about this, that when we win, the Mercury will be hard pressed to get the papers delivered to the branches, because almost all the drivers in my department went in on the pool. So did our boss, Jeremy the Fleet Manager. So, when the money comes and we all retire en masse, what the hell are they going to do? I beseech the Flying Spaghetti Monster to envelop us in his noodly goodness and bless us in this endeavor.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cool Sofa

Way back in the day, there was a themed casino in Reno called Eddie's Fabulous 50's. At one of the bars they had seating like in the above pic. To this day I recall sitting in that bar having cocktails with my pals Fay and Ellie. I think that was the trip that Fay won her jackpot on the poker machine. It was a good trip. It is a shame that we don't get together like we used to.

Old School Gal And Vette


Using Facebook To Spy

I can't believe that employers would ask to snoop in your private facebook account before hiring you. I don't need a job that bad. My facebook is pretty calm, I use the blog to veer outside of facebook standards.

This Kills Me



Old School Sexy

Go Fred Go

And How Good Was That?

For almost as long as I can remember, I've had the ability to daydream to keep myself occupied while waiting for something. But now, with the new smartphone, I'd much rather look at stuff on the internet or read some of the news and sports apps I have. There's still plenty of time to daydream in the car, but this lady here can bite me, as she sounds like an old fogie.

Nice Look

Neither Have I, Han

This Kills Me

Hot Rod With Legs In Stockings

Looking Sharp For Rev


That's a leash and collar, in case you missed it.


I like gals who dress like this.

Sharp Looking Mustang

Lori From Killboy

Darryl at is the guy who I poach from for the cool car and bike pics at the Dragon. Here's Darryl's wife, Lori, with a welder in her hand posing for a professionally done pic. She's a really good looking gal who likes bikes. Way back on the old blog I posted a gal's legs who had the old school silk stocking seam up the back of her legs. Those were Lori's legs.

Yep, It Is The Tongue Through The Chin

I'm sure glad I don't have issues like this.

It Isn't Donuts Any More

The last few times I've been to Wingstop by the Happy Homestead to take lunch I've noticed that the CHP really like eating there. If they're not parked out in front they're getting a to go order to take back around the block to the station. Maybe donuts are passe for the San Jose CHP. I don't see too many SJPD guys in there, however.

I Need This Tonight

I'm more miserable than usual tonight. I had a migraine over the weekend and Marie mentioned going to the health food store to see if they had anything that would help me. I don't want to take Vicodin every day as I don't want to become addicted to it. One a day turns into 10 a day, I've seen it firsthand.
It didn't occur to me to tell Marie this at the time, but there is a natural solution to my migraine and arthritis pain. And, yep, you guessed it. Pot is the correct answer. Eating a pot cookie or brownie at night when I'm home for the day would really fix me up. I can't do it while I'm under DOT random drug testing, but for as much as I "jokingly" post about it, I can see going to that kind of solution.


Last Night

I was still awake about 3am when I remembered that the A's opened up in Tokyo agains the Mariners. I checked on 95.7 and sure as shit the game was on the radio live. A nice surprise to fall asleep to. I'm hoping the second game of the Tokyo series comes on this morning.

Where Is Jessie and Al?

Two of my reads had this point on the Trayvon Martin case and there was a letter to the editor in the Chronicle today that said what I'm going to parrot.
Oakland has had three toddlers/babies murdered by unknown gunmen in the last few months. Black and Latino babies. But the suspects are black, so no sign of Jesse and Al.
There have been hundreds of black on black killings in Oakland alone over the past few years. Again, no sign of Jessie and Al.
One Hispanic/White guy is suspected of killing an unarmed black teen and all of a sudden we get everyone weighing in from Obama to the scourges of the American Black, that piece of shit Jesse Jackson and that piece of shit Al Sharpton. So, if it is white on black killing, it is a national news story that even the New Black Panthers are involved in. But, in the more common black on black killings, the national news remains silent.
In the paper this morning, two black teens were sent to prison for 15 years. They killed with their fists a 70 year old Chinese man in Oakland a couple of years ago. Beat him to death. Why? The teens were upset at how thier lives were turning out and decided to beat someone up because of it. So, you piece of shit Jesse Jackson and you piece of shit Al Sharpton, where is your fucking concern about this.
It looks like you two asswipes only care about something if it is Whitey as the cause. You're both racist shitheels who have never worked a day in your life. Any American Black who takes anything you say at face value is as big of a shitheel as the two of you are.

There. I Said It.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm averaging about 250 visitors a day. 151 countries are represented on my visiation list, the latest being Ivory Coast. I forgot to note at post 3000 that I was actually at that many posts. This is the 12th full month I've had this blog and I've had at least 200 posts every month. Thanks to all of you for coming by on such a regular basis.

Pin Up On Train

Lotta Skin

This Is Cool

I miss Calvin and Hobbes.

Cell Phone Booth

This Kills Me

This Bike Is The Bomb


No Eye Contact From Me

Someone Is Going To Suffer In The Morning

I'm a pretty pale guy and I have to be really careful in the sun. I can't recall every getting quite this burnt before.

I Approve Of This Message