Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why My Company Sucks

The sign is supposed to say, "Our job is to increase circulation and improve service." Well, that should be everyone's job at the paper. We should be striving for journalisitc integrity, raking the muck of local and state business, and yes, turning a profit for our investors so we all can justify our jobs.
But, to let part of the sign blow away and not repaint the sign since you put it up 15 years ago, well, that just reinforces my position that nobody in charge gives a shit any more. D Day is coming.

Placid River

This is the Stanislaus River, by Knight's Ferry. During the rafting season, this is a put in point for the rafters. There's a covered bridge here as well, but it was getting dark and we didn't quite have the time to explore the bridge. There is a visitors center here and a nice little park as well.

Old Bridge

Instead of following SH-49 to Sonora and Jamestown, we took Tuolomne County E-5 and went the back way to Jamestown. This one lane bridge is at the intersection with SH-108 in Jamestown. The top pic shows a UPS package car (Go Teamsters!) and is there ever a weekday that you're out and about that you don't see a UPS package car? My FSM they're everywhere. IIRC, UPS has the second biggest fleet in the nation. Only the USPS has a bigger fleet. And they use haulers for a lot of their mail.

Hairless Like A Baby's Butt

I got tired of picking at my beard so I shaved everything off last week. I managed to shave twice in the last week and not cut myself like a gutted fish.

New Melones Lake

We got back on SH-4 and took it to Angels Camp. That's the home of the Jumping Frog competition that Mark Twain wrote about back in the day. I haven't felt at the top of my game the last couple of days so we took a rest and a soda at Mc Donalds.
Afterwards, we headed south on SH-49 and crossed the New Melones Lake, where I took these snaps. The man made lake is pretty full considering the mild winter we've had in Northern California. I think we're at about 1/3rd the rain and snowfall compared to a normal winter.

Open Land

Off of SH-4 in Calaveras County.

Out For A Tuesday Afternoon Drive

My plans to golf fell through on Tuesday, so Marie and I decided, after lunch, to go for a car ride. We got fuel at Joe's in Lathrop and took SH-4 out to Copperopolis. We turned left on one of the ranch roads and pulled off to snap these. I don't recall what the name of the road is.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

One Hell Of An Idea

One of my followers, Bret, asks here why we don't use the Koran as body armour and such. After all, if the Muslims are so against the destruction of their "holy" book, our troops would be perfectly safe wearing it all over their body. Hell of an idea.

This Kills Me

If you don't get it, fess up in the comments and I'll explain it.



I Didn't Do This

But I remember leaning over after my very first hands free orgasm and circling the day on the calendar, swearing never to forget the day. Of course I cannot tell you what day that glorious event happened, though I remember the rest of the details. I was older than most, 19. I was happy as hell that it finally happened, I was deathly afraid that I would die a virgin. What was cool was that I was in love with the She Devil, it was in my own bedroom at my parents house, it was in the middle of the day (so I could see everything) and I got to take my time. And, not wanting any babies, I was protected. I certainly would have preferred an earlier event in life, but I cannot complain about the circumstances. Any of you regulars want to venture a confession in the comments?

Rev's Personal Protection, Steampunk Style

Nice Timing

You would think they would just say 6:30 to 4:30 and let it go at that. Imagine the hassle when you take the ticket to court and you say it was 2:02 and the cop says it was 2:03. One of the times I was bitch slapping my way out of  a ticket I say someone get off by questioning the time of the ticket.

Sharp Tattoo

My Belly Is Bigger

Richard L at work called me "Buddha" today as he patted my belly.

Cool Pic

Go Bear Go!

I Love Baseball

But not enough to get all the MLB mascots tattooed on me.

Your WTF For The Day

Now THIS is an interesting tattoo.

This Kills Me

Why Ice Cream Is Good

This Kills Me

Though I don't think it will work, it may be worth a try.

Voting For The Colonel

This Is So True

What Our Founding Fathers Really Wanted

This Kills Me


Why Prayer Works


Saturday, February 25, 2012

More To Come

I only posted a bit of what I have in the queue, so come back in a day or three and I'll have more for you to look at. I came home this morning and spent a while hunting up pics and since I'm getting sleepy, I only posted 14 posts. I've got 40 pics left to go, so there's fresh content a'coming. Thanks againg for making my corner of the internets one of you stops.

Just A Little Backwards

This is NOT what I had in mind for a mermaid tattoo.

Not Just For Lent

This Kills Me


Hillary's Knockers

This is a pretty flattering pic of Hillary Clinton circ 1975. The way she's posed makes her boobies stick out.

This Kills Me

Your WTF For The Week


The Only Thing

About the only Ron Paul position I like is that he would stop this drug war silliness. And I guess we wouldn't be meddling in the Middle East like we are now. Which got me to thinking, why are we giving so much of a shit about Iran in the first place? If they nuke Israel, why is that our issue? And, if the Israelies nuke or bomb Iran, why does that concern us? Or, why are we supporting Israel so deeply? I think it is because of all that Daddy Jesus bullshit and the "holy land" bullshit that we get by letting Christians set our forgien policy. I don't give two shits about the holy land or Israel

Good Looking Pin Up

For The Gals


Two Good Things About Camping

One of the nights we were camping this last time, a neighbor had brought his dog by for us to pet. Marie and this guy spoke a bit and we both got to pet Joey The Dog. She came by twice, once in the afternoon and once after dinner. Joey is a pound rescue who was skin and bones with a gunshot wound as well. Joey's new caretakers are doing a good job in healing her. She had a good disposition and loved to be petted and scratched. Marie and I did all of that and talked to her kindly as well. I can't wait to get another dog. If I believed in Heaven, I would think there's a special place for those who resuce dogs from the pound or the dog resuce.

And, Marie got her blood pressure checked the day aftet she got back from the camping and it was the lowest it has been in a month of Sundays. She told the nurse that she had been camping for 5 days and the nurse gave Marie the order to do more camping. One bad thing about camping is that I noticed the Dunlop lopping over my belt buckle, so I guess I need to get off my fat ass a little bit more while camping.