Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Almost Missed The Show

Hell, I just remembered this. While driving in the Santa Cruz mountains on SH-17, the lit signs were on telling us to watch our speed due to wet conditions. I was watching my speed because of the copious number of CHP out and about.
I was in the fast lane when I saw an accident in the other direction that just happened. There was a break in the median right there, it looked like someone may have made an unsafe turn.
Anyway, I touched my brakes to slow down and that was all it took. The Beetle got all squirrely and I had to draw upon my wet weather skills to regain control. It took two quick partial turns of the wheel to get the car straightened out and I ended up in the slow lane. Its a good thing I wasn't in traffic.
Though I was calm and all for the second or two that this was happening, I was awfully careful the rest of the way down the hill and back over the hill on the way home. That's all I need right now is to stuff the Beetle into a median rail.

A Good Quote

"All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed,"

From the Constitution of the State of Washington. In fact, according to The Newspaper.com, its the first line of said Constitution.

Only A Two Day Migraine. So Far

I'm not quite sure what triggered this one. It could have been the one Fat Tire, or the pot smoke from the Catalyst. Or my sleep was kind of askew. I think I took a bit of sun at the ballgame, though I wore a hat and sunscreen. Whatever it was, I took a liver killing amount of pain meds and tried to go to sleep Sunday night.
When the alarm went off to get me up to see the Nieces to Pieces, I was a mess. I hit the snooze for an hour before getting up. I really needed to make Kris' birthday event, my absence would have disappointed a number of people, including myself.
There comes a point where pain pills (both OTC and Rx) don't help anymore and I think I'm at that point as I type this.
I'm hoping I can get to sleep when I get home. Usually a long sleep kills the migraine. I'm going to set my alarm late, so the gym is going to suffer today. I don't think its good for me to try and work out with a migraine anyway.
Its been a while since I had one this bad. Not bad enough for the shots in the butt, but worse than normal.

Visits From The Police

I parked a couple of blocks away from the club and was walking back to my car when the Santa Cruz police drove past me, looked at me, turned in front of me, and went up the block. I thought that was kind of curious but kept on walking.
The same car then made a u turn and came up upon me. The officer called me over to his car and wanted to talk with me. OK, no big deal. There was a ruckus at the Taco Bell (about a block away) and they were looking for a shaven head guy in short pants. Well, it was sprinkling, so there weren't too many of us shaven guys in short pants except for me.
I explained to the officer that I wasn't the guy they were looking for. I guess he believed me and they cut me loose. I did go to the Taco Bell drive thru and got some food before heading home.

Right as I pulled up to the house in Fremont, FPD came up suddenly right behind me and lit me up. I was parked, so I shut the car off and waited with my hands up for them to approach. I thought it was kind of odd and my hair was up on end. I wasn't speeding and I stopped at the stop signs on Tamayo, so why was I under legal detainment?
The two officers approaches slowly, shined flashlights into my car and made contact with me. They asked me a few questions (had I been drinking? Where had I been? Stuff like that) I told them that I don't drink, because I can lose my job over a DUI because of my CDL. I was nervous and started to stutter more than usual. (Damn if that just doesn't piss me off when I lose control of my speech like that. Happened in Santa Cruz as well. Makes me feel stupid and embarassed.)
They ran my license and told me that they appreciated my cooperation. They were looking for a guy in a silver Beetle, and I fit the bill.
They did ask me in a roundabout way why my license and plates were blocked. I explained it to them and we were done.
This is another reason why I don't drink and drive. I could have had a few Fat Tires at the Catalyst and gotten in trouble both in Santa Cruz and in Fremont for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And drunk, or drinking. And, don't think for a second that FPD wouldn't have taken me away for DUI right in front of the house. Sure as shit.
I did speak to Marie later that night and told her to never unblock my plates. She just laughed.

Hell's Belles Rocked The House

What a great time I had last Saturday night. I drove out to the Catalyst in Santa Cruz to see the AC/DC cover band Hell's Belles rock the house. I got there even before the first band came on and the place was empty. Not packed like when Y&T play there.
The opening band wasn't exactly my cup of tea. I don't like singers who yell at me for an hour set. But they had enough of a local following that people cheered for them.
I had my one and only one beer (a Fat Tire) and waited for Hell's Belles. When they came on I worked my way front/center about 12 feet off the stage.
I let the loud, raw music wash over me like the ocean's waves. The lead singer is from Australia, so she gives an authentic sound to the songs. They mixed in a few Brian Johnson songs with mostly Bon Scott songs. They did play Riff Raff, one of my faves.
I'm not quite sure why my pics turned out so dark. I'm a point and shoot kind of guy, so there's no messing around with the settings. There were a number of people taking pics with cameras and cell phones.
More people did show up and the standing crowd was about half way back to the steps.
They played for 90 minutes and they rocked my house, that's for sure. If you like AC/DC and want to hear their songs played by loud, raucous, sexy women, then this band is one you should see when they come by your town.

15 Strikeouts

On Sunday, the Ports were again in San Jose to play the Giants. It turns out a lot of people had the idea to go to the ballgame, as it was the 9th largest crowd in the history of Municipal Stadium, which dates back to 1942.
Phil and Molly met me at the plant and we ate at Baja Fresh before heading to Muni. They gouge for parking, $10 per car. That's one of the reasons we met at the plant, I couldn't see paying for parking twice.
Muni, when not packed to the gills, is a pretty good place to watch a ballgame. You sit close and higher off the field than most newer parks. Within the last few years, the City (of San Jose) put up a bigger netting behind the plate. It seems to me that there was no netting for the longest time, just a screen. I recall a Stockton guy letting a bat slip out of his hands and into the crowd a few years ago.
San Jose State plays some games at Muni as well. One of the years I lived with the She Devil we went to a number of Spartan games at Muni.
The Giants won 2-0 and struck out 15 Ports. I don't have the scoresheet in front of me but I think the starter notched 12 of the 15. And the Ports only got 5 hits. Murphy Smith, the Ports starter, gave up one earned run and only 5 hits himself. It was a tough day to take a loss.
I did remember my sunscreen, so there was no sunburnt arms and legs on this day.

Back In The Fold

Yesterday was a good day. I went to Kris' birthday party. She's Janelle's wife, and Janelle is one of my "Nieces to Pieces." I think it was on Tom and Jerry where Tom the cat says something like "I'll get those meeses to pieces." So, I applied to to my nieces. They're not my blood nieces, we're ohana by choice.
Deb (the mom, who I've been pals with for over 30 years) found me on Facebook and reached out to me. We had lost contact, which we all took responsibility for. I got to visit with the other three nieces, Valerie, Robyn (the misunderstood and forgotten third child of four, just like me) and Natalie. Robyn even remembered the secret handshake we have.
I have to say that I missed my nieces and it was really good to see them again. We promised never to let separation happen again, and we all pinkie swore on it. So, yesterday was a good day.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Hitting

The sorry sack A's had a team meeting yesterday before going out and losing to the Angels last night. Healthy, they've got the pitching to win the World Series. But, the problem is, and remains the lack of offense. Bluntly, the guys the A's signed over the winter aren't getting the job done. Willingham has hit 7 home runs but hasn't done much else. De Jesus has two two homer games and that's pretty much it over the first quarter of the season. Matsui I think is finished as a hitter.
I don't think anyone at Sacramento is ready to come up and replace the deadwood we've been sending to the plate. Its sad.

What A Letdown

On one hand, its a good season to get to the third round of the NHL playoffs. And two years in a row no less. But I'm pretty disappointed in the Sharks. I think they've got the talent to win the Stanley Cup and they go down weakly in the Conference Finals two years in a row. 4-0 last year to the Blackhawks and 4-1 this year to the Canucks. I don't know enough about how to judge hockey talent to be able to say "the Sharks need this" or "the Sharks need that." I don't know if its a matter of heart or desire or what. What I do know is that they have too much talent to not win it all.
Granted, I thought Vancouver was the better team, but still, only one win in the series? Sad.

Cool Old Chevy

Sharp GTO

For The Ladies

In The Field Circ 1957

Meesha found some pics on the tornados of 1957 in Kansas City. Here's an early tv in the field set up.

Get Off

Even at low speeds, if you have a get off wearing next to nothing, you're going to be a bloody mess.

Somewhere In Arizona

I poached this sharp looking photo from Ara.

Hopefully, This Won't Be Me

Sponge Bob Looking Good

But what a mess of a tattoo on her belly.

This Kills Me, Too

My mom wasn't really worked up over any of my tattoos. She thought the one of the She Devil wasn't the best pic I could have chosen, but I loved that pic as much as I loved the She Devil. I don't quite know what to do with the one of the ex's name, I'll have to contemplate something when the time comes.


This Kills Me


Hopefully, I'll have a reason to have a pair of gloves like this.

I Can't Get Enough Of The Rapture

I was hoping the Rapture would really come, as with Brannan Island closing up, Sandy Beach is going to be that much more crowded. And I'd love to not get gouged on a weekend tee time. But, God says that the meek will inherit the earth. So, does that mean the strong get raptured? And, what if you're a strong athiest? Do you go or not? You are not a believer, but you are not meek either? C'mon, Jesus, give a fella a little help here.

This Kills Me

I Know You'll Do It Anyway

I've warned you fair and square. When your retinas burn, don't blame me.

Check Your Package

This Kills Me.

This Made Me Mildly Chuckle

I Know

Yeah, I know, they're fake. But, she's a good looking gal in a sharp red dress.


Of course I can't get enough of what dumbasses those bible beaters are who fell for the false prophet. The true prophet remains Bobby Henderson. All hail the FSM!

This Kills Me



Why there was one inch of newsprint wasted on the "rapture" is beyond me. Any media outlet that claims to deal in the truth and what's happening in our would should be ashamed to print anything on that make believe, fairy tale "rapture." I want more stories on pirates and the FSM.

This Kills Me


This is, uh, interesting.

Another Good One Of Bar

She's a good looking gal. I guess all the models in SI are good looking.

What's The Rest Of The URL?

Maybe its shopped.

Not Angel Wings

Chicken wings. This kills me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Play This

I poached this from SDD's facebook. Its Johnny Ramone playing Viva Las Vegas, sounding like Dick Dale. Pretty cool stuff.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Beers

After yesterday's round of golf, my playing companions and I (all from the Merc) sat down for a Fat Tire. We ordered a pitcher, which is 4 glasses worth. That tasted so good that we ordered another one and drank that down. For those of you keeping score, that's two beers for me. Usually I only drink one and even the guys were kind of surprised I drank two.
I'm sure a cheap date floozy as when I got home I wasn't quite tired enough to go to sleep, so I wrote on the two blogs and read the Chronicle.
By the time I got to sleep in the early AM, I slept until almost 5pm Monday. I had wanted to get up and drive out to Stockton for the 11:00 Ports game but two beers just wiped me out. I don't feel all groggy and slow headed today at work, unlike the last time I had two beers.
I guess its a good thing that I can't sit and pound them down. Booze issues run in both the X and Y sides and the last thing I need is a DUI to mess up my life. Still, I do like a good craft beer, just one and only one.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nice Pin Up

More Lisa Ann

Sexiest coffee drinker I've ever seen.


Isn't this true?

Ya Think?

I'm Still Here

I really have a hard time with the people who really believed that the Rapture was coming last Saturday, I don't feel sorry for any of them, they're all idiots. And the ones who gave away their stuff are even stupider. Sometimes its a shame I have integrity as the pickings sure look easy to take money from the bible beaters. Being a pastor sure looks like it beats working for a living.

Today's Golf Outing

Sunday, well its still "today," the Daddy Longball Golf Club played at the NCGA owned course in the Livermore Valley. Poppy Ridge is the second NCGA owned course. It was a brisk day as the wind never did die down, though the course is near the Altamont Pass and that's one place the wind NEVER dies down. Unless the fog provides zero visability. If you've driven on I-580 through the pass, that's where all the windmills are.
Anyway, the course was in decent shape and I really should have played better. On Char-4 (they have three nines with different wine inspired names) I hit 5 straight tee shots into the shit. That's 10 strokes pissed away right there. The wind was blowing straight left to right and I should have gone ahead and hit a 5 iron off the tee. Which I eventually did do. I had a few other holes of hitting off into the savanna and taking penalty strokes.
I did par two of the par threes and I had two or three more bogies. I should have been playing craps instead as I shot 7 holes of 7, and a hole of 14 (2 times 7) I had the high gross score (126) and took the most putts (42) of any of the members. I guess I should have taken my head out of my ass sooner than I didn't.
Still, a day of golf beats most anything else I do, except for baseball, motorcycle riding and camping.
Oh, and upon edit, I won one of the closest tee shots to the hole on the par 3's. Won me $80, of which I put an immediate $60 towards my playing companions food and beer bill. I actually threw down a shot of Crown Royal before the round and had 2.5 Fat Tires afterwards. What a boozer.