Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Isn't This The Truth

I Like This Look

Topless and jeans, one of my faves.

The American Jesus

Protected Speech Is Still Important

Even wacko religious speech like depicted here. Of course, how long would a car last with quotes from the Koran or the Gospel of the FSM on it?


I like the boy shorts she's kind of wearing.

Nice Pose

This Kills Me As Well

This Kills Me


We're Bright And Not Lawbreakers

More Christmas Spirit

Sadly, not under my tree this year.

Is This The Truth, Or What?

Hell, doesn't Jesus put it to the sheeple at every opportunity? Give me money. Obey my silly rules, even the ones that contradict each other. Women, shut up and obey. Love me, or you'll rot in hell. But, I love you and died for your sins that my daddy filled you full of in the first place. What a sham.

White Trash Tree

The Goddess Ella

What The Hell Is This?

A Santa decorated toilet. During the FSMas season no less.

I Love Lucy

Pinder, that is. She's my next wife. She just doesn't know it yet.


Like This Works

Topless Brit

Well, Did You?

Such Bullshit

I Still Have The Holiday Spirit


Kissing Your Sister

We had a Union meeting today about the arbitration for our health with retirement, or RSP. The company and union have come to an agreement and we voted to drop the arbitration. There are two levels of RSP coverage, Gold and Silver. We were paying for the Gold package and now we're covered under the Silver package. It means we're going to pay less her hour (about half) for coverage when we retire, but we will pay 20% of the premium monthly.
One big thing about the Silver plan is that if the company closes, we vote to not pay into the program any more (thanks James A for that idea you ass. I'll add here that James A wasn't even at the meeting, after he got so many people riled up to vote the coverage out.) or the union gets broken, those who are already retired get to keep their coverage. Under the Gold plan, "orphans" like that would be shit out of luck.
KC is going to call to get some clarification on how we become covered for the Silver. It said in the handout that if we have 3 years of Gold coverage, we only need 5 years of Silver coverage. But we have at least 15 years of Gold coverage, so do we all need to work 5 years more to get the Silver or what? Nobody caught this in the handout and nobody asked about this very point. So I guess we'll see.
One of the handouts was a letter from our lawyers handling the arbitration advising us that it would be prudent to take a settlement if we could get one. The vote was 22-1. I got off at 0400 and had to be back to work at 1230, so I missed the 1100 meeting.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Good Question


Here's The Truth


We Were All Champions At One Time

From The South

Look At The Hands

This Made Me Chuckle

Always Wear The Belt

Is This Your Prison Name?

My Personal Santa Did Not Appear Under My Tree

This Kills Me

Not When I Play Guitar Hero

In For A Surprise

I Don't Get It

Sperm or poop? What's your take?

Johnny On The Spot

Look at the date. Someone knew it was coming.

I'd Just Shave It All Off

If I had the horseshoe I'd shave it all off. Which I don't think I'm going to get, at least not anytime soon. I am getting the creeping hair line but I don't think I'm getting the spot on the scalp.

This REALLY Kills Me


I'm Surprised

I didn't get this for Christmas.

This Kills Me

I Love Plaid

And a little cutie pie reddish hair gal for Sgt Rev. Sorry Rev, the pickings for red haired gals has been kind of slim of late.

Bad Ass Santa

This is pretty sharp. And it Kills Me.

Two Good Crime Stories

Marie's department has a dog, and they got called for help by a neighboring department. They put the dog after a guy who was hiding under a house and the dog went in and bit the guy's ear off. They said that the dog, "'took a bite out of crime."

And, Santa and GI Joe were riding the bus. GI Joe was threatening to pepper spray the coach, and took a spray at Santa. He missed, and Santa (the ex Marine) got up and one timed GI Joe out for the count. The responding officers gratefully took Santa to the BART station instead of to jail.

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Not Like This

But I did facebook what I was doing when I had coffee with Marie earlier in the evening.

Another Good Look

A Good Look

Tia Was Hot Stuff

This is Tia Carrera. She was all that back in the day. She was Babreham Lincoln in the Wayne's World films. And she starred with  Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis in the spy movie. She even had an appearance in Married With Children, the one where Kelly does the "Bundy Bounce" for the Cadillac Alante.