Saturday, October 29, 2011

La Russa Sucks

I'm disappointed that the Cards won the World Series. Its not like I'm a Texas fan or anything, hell, I'm an A's fan first and always. But I liked Texas manager Ron Washington when he was coaching on the A's and I hoped they would hire him when they hired Bob Geren.
I can't stand that arrogant ass La Russa. He had a ton of juiced talent on the A's back in the day and we should have beaten both the Dodgers and the Reds in the WS. To La Russa's eternal credit, and I've said this before, he did beat the Shitheads, in fact swept them in 1989. One of the most glorious events of my entire life.

The 1% Protest

This Kills Me

Well, cemeteries are usually useful, though I'm being cremated and scattered at Cave Rock when the time comes. Actually, Useful is a town in Missouri, IIRC.

Another Sharp Pin Up

Too bad we can't see the entire leg tattoo a little closer.

Sharpie On Bewbies

Of Course I Believe This

Sharp Pin Up

Lucy Is Sure Sweet

I'd like to eat sweets with her, or eat her sweets, or something like that. *snicker*


Chico Would So Do This If I Let Him

I sure miss my dog.

Left And Right

Left side, no big deal. Right side, shameful.


It is shameful that Christians allow this kind of suffering, when their Savior and Son of God says to "give all to the poor" amongst other help the needy statements. But yet Good Christians like Rick Perry and Sarah Palin have millions of dollars that could help the poor and needy. I can't wait for Jesus to come back and do some serious smoting of the hypocrites. Sometimes its a shame that God is just made up to control others and turn a profit.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sexy Model With Old Caddy

I like them both, car and model.

Naked Gal On Bike

Sexy Pin Up

Why You Need A Teddy

To protect you from the monsters under the bed.

See, I Told You So

Standard issue of the German military during WW2.

Appeasing My Crush On Lucy Pinder

The Lord's Work

And some Christians claim that Hitler was an Atheist. Hitler loved Jesus Christ and thought he was doing The Lord's Work by killing the Jew.

One Adam Twelve

Speaking of Adam-12, I was at Marie's the other day and there's a channel on her cable that shows Adam-12 and Dragnet 1967. Beats anything on the tv today.

A Cool Gear Shifter

A Sharp Picture

Well, Is This Not True Gang Of Three?

The 99%

This Kills Me


If this is real and not a sharpie drawn on the tongue, it must have hurt like hell.

Topless In Jeans Is A Good Look

And it is old school to boot.

A Classic Look For The Ladies

Poodles, Fiery and ATM, you're welcome.

Classic Bewbies

Heather Has A Good Look

Proably A Sharp Looking Suit

But the pineapple is in the wrong place.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Approve Of Short Skirts Firing Rifles

You Would Think

I would think that this booth would have to be in the deepest South. Or, that he would have to pay for the kisses.

A Good Look As Well

Joanna Has A Good Look

Thanks To Science

God's Power Is Dropping

Nothing doing for the last few thousand years.

Nice Daisy Dukes Look


Why I Have A Dumb Phone

More Reasons To Love Twister