Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blame It All On The Poor

The last time I saw the good reverend Reuven, I asked him why he's not following Jesus' teachings in giving all to the poor. His reply was that the Bible says there will always be poor. I asked him if that meant that he can disreguard the direct teachings of the Savior and he was silent. Which really isn't much of a surprise at all. When you call these bible beaters out on the bullshit, they usually clam up or tell you "jesus loves you" or some such nonsense.

Straight Up Sexy

Sexy Gal Doing Dishes

I approve of this in theory and concept.

60's Playboy

This is Gale. That's a old school name you don't see at all in the modern age.

My Next Favorite Camping Spot

The more I can't do it, the more I miss it. Watch me finally be able to do it and go "meh" at it.

What A Bunch Of Shit

And this is any more valid than the rest of the religous bullshit fed to us from the time we are aware?


Funny How Things Change

The dayside dispatcher/scheduler James A came to me on Monday night asking me about my remaining weeks off of leave. I told him in no uncertain terms that I don't have any time off left because of the change in policy.
James A assures me that we in fact earn 4 weeks of vacation for 2011 and I can take Turkey week off. Hmmmmm. I asked him 6 times if he was sure. I don't want to owe the company any leave for 2012 due to any "misunderstandings."
KC quotes our boss Jeremy as saying we earn 4.6 hours of leave for each week worked. I've wondered about that since we gave up the 5 weeks of vacation and went to a different type of accrual system.
So, if you multiply 52 weeks by 4.6 hours a week, that's 239.2 hours of leave. We gave up a week of vacation in the contract, so we can only earn 160 hours in a year. But, we also agreed to not earn vacation for 16 weeks this year. That means we only earn vacation for 36 weeks and 36 times 4.6 is 165.6 hours.
I don't know if we accrue vacation time for sick leave and vacation time. I've taken 14 days of vacation and 12 days of sick leave. If we don't, then I'm only working 31 weeks of accrual time and that's 142.6 hours. I just called our shop steward and generally good guy Todd E and he says we do in fact accrue for sick and vacation. Whew!
So, in a roundabout way, it looks like I'll be taking Turkey week off and going camping at Sandy Beach.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AA-12 Automatic Shotgun

Rich O sent me this. I want one and I bet Rev could use one at work to keep the guests in line.


Pin Up Of The Day

This Kills Me

Playing The Piano

This Kills Me

A Hell Of An Idea

Shoot To Thrill

At R Ranch they had a place next to the trap shooing that you could shoot arrows if you brought your stuff. They even had a deer made of hay to shoot at.

Easy On The Eyes

And she's a Ginger for Rev. A winning post in all ways.

I Love Chocolate

Not At The Golf Course

She needed to be my personal caddy last Sunday.

I Ate Barbecue Beef Heart

Last Friday night, Jessica came in with a small Weber and cued up some marinated beef heart on a skewer. I don't recall ever eating heart before and I do say it was pretty good. Of course almost anything tastes good marinated in soy sauce and barbecued. Jessica comes in only occasionally these days. The guys here at the office are giving me the business that I should marry her, that I'd never starve. Jesus, I'm still legally married and they're trying to marry me off again.

Joe With Pretty Gals

Connie (on the left) is Kelly's gal and Erin is Moon's wife. I've known Erin for a while and was at their wedding in Tahoe. I met Connie for the first time Sunday.

3rd Place!

Sunday's Daddy Longball outing was at the Bodega Harbour links in Bodega Bay. I've played here once before, I'd say at least 15 years ago. The overcast never did burn off around the coast, but a half mile to a mile inland the sun was shining later in the day.
I actually played like I had a clue. On the front 9 my highest score was 8 as I was fairly consistent with 4 bogies and no pars for a 54.
The back was a little worse. I had two bad holes, a 10 and a 9 on the last hole. I did shoot three bogies and a par, which made me pretty happy on my way to a 55. Use your abacus and that's 109. I got 34 strokes of handicap and that make my round a net 75, which turned out to be good enough for 3rd place in the B flight. I won $30, which paid for my Arby's on Monday.
Though the traffic was oppressive from Bodega Bay to Fremont, playing reasonably well makes one's drive tolerable in the traffic.

Friday, August 26, 2011

This Kills Me

I Can't Wait

to skinny dip and sunbathe nude again. I know someone who has recently joined the local nudist resort and I may need to make an appearance with this person, who's name I'll redact for privacy purposes. Not my privacy of course, because as you regulars know I'll pretty much put anything on this blog.

Not When I Go Shopping

Not When I'm At The Park

Serious Tattoos


I've Been This Guy

and it sucks.

Pouring From The Koozie

This kills me.

London As A Pin Up

Sharp Knit Hat

This Kills Me


Probably too sweet for this blog.

I Have Issues

but not like this.

This Kills Me

I Can't Do This

This Kills Me

Cool Water Balloon Pic

Poor Poodle

I sure miss Joe Joe, my standard poodle. Though I would have never allowed him to look like this. I still miss my Chico. I'm hopeful I'll get to take him camping soon.

Sharp MG


I think the housekeeper comes later this morning. I bet she's not dressed like this.

This Kills Me

This Is Cool

They Won!

I don't know what they won, but does it matter? Thanks to Grant for the pic.

Today's Pin Up

Gal On A Harley

This is straight up sexy.

All Hail His Noodly Goodness

Cool Cop Car

I poached this from my old pal Matt C's facebook. Here's the latest Santa Clara CA's PD car. I wonder if they use it for traffic or if it was bought with search and seizure money.