Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old School

Rockin' the tractor.

They're On Sale

This kills me.

Its Not My Job

I think the collective enthusiasm of my fellow Teamsters will be about this much after we take our contractual screwing next week.

This Made Me Chuckle

I Love Sweden

Now THIS is my heritage!

This Kills Me


Not only does Jordan have really big hooters, but she's got a pretty face as well.

I've Done This

Back in the day, Josh, George and I were at the gym. Josh got on the scale and I had my foot on it. So, the reading was much higher than it should have been. Josh was wise, but not quick enough to catch me with my foot on the scale. Of course I denied it and accused him of being a fatter ass than I was. George was just laughing. Josh got on the scale again and I slyly put my foot on the same spot. We had Josh going that he weighed about 30 pounds more than he really did. Sometimes I just kill myself.

This Kills Me

Must Be Shopped

First off, if you really had 100 million dollars in an account, you wouldn't be paying $2.75 to withdraw $400. So, even though this is mildly humorous, its shopped.

I Like Ice Cream Too

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Odd Rain

Even though it rained late last June, it is still unusual for it to really rain like it did yesterday in the Bay Area after Summer starts. It rained ass today. The A's game was delayed 45 minutes and the Rivercats game was rained out. This has been an odd weather season in the Bay Area.

This Kills Me

Is It So Crazy?

What a society we live in. Its not ok to cut a gals clitoris, but its ok to cut a baby boy's penis. All because some Bronze Age desert people though it would be cool, or religious, to cut foreskin off a baby boy's penis.
There's a proposition in San Francisco this next election to decide if it will remain legal to circumcise a baby boy or not. Interesting pros and cons in the Chronicle.

I Wonder If It Hurt

I wonder if a big ring through the nipple hurts or not. I worked with a guy, Trash, who had his nipples pierced

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Lucy With Turkey

She looks good in oven mitts, doesn't she?

Old School Sexy

Notice how much acreage Kelly's underclothes cover. And she still looks really good. I think its all in the presentation.

This Made Me Chuckle

This Will Always Be A Sexy Look

A Good Looking Gal

Its An Umpire And A Catcher

And dressed very nicely I might add.

Great Body Paint

Had A Good Weekend

Jimmy B's retirement party was a good event. I saw people I used to work with who I haven't seen in a while. There were a few assholes I shook hands with, but I guess that's ok. I didn't drink any beer, but I had two shots of Crown Royal Black, which was 90 proof. And a half a shot of really expensive tequila. I wasn't drunk or anything, but that's really my limit on how much I can drink. I ate like a fiend and drank two of my hundred ounce sodas. I got to talk shop with guys I work with currently, and I met a couple of cute Viet gals as well. They really didn't speak very good English, but they were certainly easy on the eyes. It must be hard for them to understand me when I stutter.
Jimmy and I talked about the camping trip to Hornbrook next month. He's going to tent in the space next to where I'm going to park my rv. Or we'll share the same spot, I'm not quite sure.

Sunday's golf was at Poppy Hills, in Pebble Beach. By mistake, I took the scenic route to get to the course. I thought it was three consecutive left turns, but when I ended up out by the Lone Cypress by the ocean, I knew I was sort of lost.
I did eventually find my way to the course and took an 11 and a 12 to start. So, my day was pretty much fucked. I don't know my final score, as I didn't drive the cart and keep score. My camera also gave up the charge and I got no pictures for the blog, or for the club blog for that matter.
For the second consecutive month, I won one of the closest to the pins on one of the par 3's. Last month won me $80, this month it was only $35. It came in handy on the way home as I stopped at the Arby's in Gilroy and happily ate. And I had a few bucks to tide me over until I could call my credit union (for the second time) and try and fix why I couldn't take money out of the machine. (that got fixed Monday)

Larry Flynt Still Has It

I haven't picked up a copy of Hustler in over 30 years. I bought one the other day for the hell of it. First off, it was $12. Twelve Goddamn Dollars! It came with a xxx dvd, whoopie shit.
Anyway, I had forgotten how liberal Flynt's opinions are. He bashes the Republicans with regularity. And he does it very bluntly, just like he does everything else in his magazine. He's very pro union and pro working man and pro middle class.
The pics of the girls are just as raunchy as I remember, and the humor is just as crass. Just right up my alley.
One thing I noticed was the pics of full on intercourse. I don't recall the old Hustlers showing graphic sex like that.
The articles weren't all that, I guess Playboy has the lock on the better writing for girlie magazines.
The advertising was not mainstream, like you see in Playboy. It was all either shilling for Flynt's other porn, or it was selling phone sex and stuff like that.
I can't say it was worth $12, in fact it really wasn't. To subscribe for a year was between 35 and 90 dollars, depending on how many dvd's you wanted with your subscription. And, they list the states whose prison systems don't allow Hustler for the guests. Which kills me.

In Our Name

A 95 year old woman with poop in her Depends was asked to remove her diaper for a search by the TSA. Here's the link. And why I don't like to fly.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Not On This Vacation

Mark M, George M and Shannon M are all on a two week baseball and history drive through the Upper Plains and Rocky Mountain area. They're on the road and George has posted a few posts here with pictures. I couldn't go this year, sadly. Take a look at the link.

I Know People This Bad

I Had Suspenders Like This

Back a while ago, I had two pairs of really cool suspenders. Not with the Union Jack, but one with a 4th of July motif and one with the Statue of Liberty. I guess they got tossed out with almost every thing else I owned when we moved. Turns out to be a good thing as what would I do with all my stuff now?

This Is Me

This Kills Me

A Few Days Late With This

Old School Lucy

She is a really good looking woman.


Nice Parking Job

Not Where I Ride

What School Is This?

Jessica Rabbit.

This is a good looking Jessica Rabbit.

Long Fingers

Not only is she a stunningly beautiful woman (that the guy is afraid to put his hands on) but look how long her fingers are.

Not Quite Like Bart

This looks like the Bart look alike from Shelbyville. At least get a tattoo that looks like Bart.

This Kills Me


How any woman buys into this bullshit is beyond me.

This KIlls Me

Somebody Got A Ticket

I wouldn't be happy either if I got a bullshit ticket.

A Great Dress

This kills me.

From The FFRF

“I reject the whole Christian religion [and] a presiding or controlling Deity.”

— Daniel Henry Chamberlain, North American Review article, reprinted in The Freethinker, Nov. 15, 1908

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mass Skinny Dipping

Here's the link to the record setting skinny dipping event. And of course I'd do this.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I listen to KFOX in the warehouse and on my clock radio in my bedroom. The program director has gotten on and asked for reader feedback. Well, not one to keep my big assed mouth shut, I wrote Larry Sharp about why they dropped Nikki Sixx and don't play Y&T.
To his credit, he did answer me back. He says that when they picked up the 102.1 signal, they decided to be the mainstream classic rock station and leave the "harder" rock to 107.7 The Bone. So Sixx's show was no longer a good fit for the demographic they were looking for. They do play the Y&T abortion known as "Summertime Girls" but that's not good enough for me.
I'm not happy that KFOX dropped Nikki Sixx and they don't play Y&T. But I'm impressed that the guy took a minute to explain his position and write me back.

First Week Set

I couldn't get my week moved. I guess last year someone retired and had Thanksgiving week off and there was a big stink over people wanting that week off. So now, you're stuck with your weeks you picked (in seniority order) the previous November. I had actually thought I'd be going to Sandy Beach for the first week and to Hornbrook with the ex for the second week. So it wasn't really important to get two weeks off in a row. But things do change.
However, I made reservations in Red Bluff for the first week. With gas dropping in price I now can afford to take the drive to Red Bluff. They charge a dollar or two more per night than Sandy Beach, but they have a pool, laundry and cable tv. And the Chico Outlaws baseball team is in town the entire week I'm in Red Bluff, and its only a 20 or 30 minute ride to the ball park. I'm already looking forward to it.
I did sign up for overtime for next Saturday night, not this one coming up but the next one. With the expected pay cut we're going to take in the contract, my unexpected $600 storage bill and the more unexpected $1200 VW bill, I needs me some cash money. This, after I swore I'd never, NEVER sign up for OT. Things do change.

Sharp Hot Rod

A Good Look

Manswers would block it out, the pusses.

Bigger Balls Than I Have

OK, the gal is jumping off the bridge into the creek. Look how shallow the water is where the gal in the red bikini top is standing. I'd be too puss to jump into such shallow water.

A Sucker For Stockings

Not Enough

I don't post enough pics of pretty gals with motorbikes.

Old Cop Car

Just Jordan