Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm Going To Hell For Sure

This Kills Me.

Thank God Its Coming

Its a shame that the bible beaters are always wrong about Judgement Day. I can't wait for the Rapture, maybe I'll move up in the seniority list.

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Not In My Car

The car looks like a Cobra. The model is very pretty.

Gal And Car

Asking For Trouble

I'll admit to not wearing all the gear all the time. And its stupid not to. But no helmet and a bikini top. That's asking for body parts to be rubbed off on the pavement.

My Uncle Had One Like This

Not with the fancy wheels or anything, but a red and white Chevy pickup. I remember asking why Uncle's truck had three pedals on the floor. "What's a clutch?" I asked. That was a long time ago.

Cool Car

I've always liked the British convertible two seat sports car. Of course I could never fit in one, but that's another story.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Two Songs

You're Time Is Gonna Come is playing on the radio right now. This song means a lot these days. Its by the mighty Led Zep.

And Ticket To Ride played again last night.

This Kills Me

Gal With Prowler

Prowlers didn't have spare tires, they had run flat tires instead. There's your useless factoid for the day.

Cool Rose Tattoo

Wrestling In A Chest

What, no loading dock?

Old Dump Trucks

This Is Interesting

This must have hurt like a mother.

This Is Not Me RV'ing

Cool Street Name

I wonder where this is. Nevada, maybe? Near Virginia City? There's a saloon on C St in Virginia City named the Bucket of Blood. Next time I'm up that way I'll get a pic or two.


This Kills Me

Two Of Jordan

This Is Interesting

I've not seen something like this before, not even in a museum.

I Saw People Playing Ping Pong On The Cruise

And none of them were dressed like this.

Gals And Cars

I like pics like this and found a couple of gals and car pics the other day.

This Made Me Chucke, A Bit

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back In The Day

These must have been a bitch to drive loaded.

Sexy Supergirl

Auto Fill In Kills Me

And that's a question I'd like the answer to.

It's A Mickey Mouse Club

Now this shows imagination. And it kills me.

The WTF Tattoo For The Day

At least have a vagina drawn in the webbing between your fingers, you ass.

OK, Birthers. Now What?

OK, Rich and the rest of you birthers. The long form birth certificate has been released. You've gotten what you've been whining and crying about since Obama won the election. Yet more proof that he's an American. Can you now just shut the fuck up? If his name was Barry O'Reilly, none of you would be embarassing yourselves in this manner. Can you spell r a c i s m ? You're all bent out of shape because, God forbid, a half black man is our nation's leader. I want my sleep disturbed today by the popping sound of thousands of you tea baggers pulling your collective heads out of your asses.
And, don't get me started on that embarassment that is Donald Trump.

Scale Report

I did go to the gym yesterday, and I'll go today. But I've had appointments on Monday and Tuesday the last three weeks and haven't been able to go as often as I'd like. Still, I dropped about a pound and a half since my last report. I'm at 315.4. I weighed about 275 when I met the ex and started to take the added meds that have helped cause the weight gain. It took a while to goo up like this, I guess it will take a bit to get it off.

Really Sharp Paint

Here's the link to more pics of this car.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Movies

I went to the movies on Saturday afternoon with S. We say the Tyler Perry movie and it was pretty funny. We went to Bayfair and the crowd was rather ethnically diverse. So if there was a joke we Nordics didn't get, we picked up on it when every one else in the theater laughed. When Medea laid the law down, there were others clapping and stuff. The outrage is that it cost $10.50 each and a 44 ounce soda was 5 dollars. Ouch.

I'm Old

That tumble out of the trailer on Monday, with the scooter landing on me, made me hell of sore. I found some more scrape marks upon my Adonis body and one butt cheek is sore. Turning 50 is hell.

I've Got A Story

Back a few years ago, when we were at Longball playing at Genoa Lakes they have rattlesnakes out and about the barranca. One of the guys who used to play in the tournament, Ross, was off in the barranca and he picked up a rattlesnake to show us. I told him, "you're a crazy motherfucker" and he just laughed. I'd never pick up a snake like that, it would be just my luck to get bit.

Look Closely

the mudflap says "Skippy the nutless cat says "fuck Bob Barker" ".
This kills me.

Keely Is A Good Looking Woman

This Kills Me

I'm So Glad

I loved my ex at least this much, but I'm glad I only got her name tattooed on me once.

This Kills Me

I LOVE Bacon As A Bikini Top

I love me some bacon!

Of Course It's Nonsense

This is in Oakand by the Bay Bridge. I love when my side puts up the billboards. Go Atheists!

I Love Shit Like This

This is state rep Robert Watson of Rhode Island. He's made it clear he's anti-drug. Unless he's puffing on a hooter while driving into a roadside checkpoint. When the troopers come to his car, well, its not California. And off he goes to the pokey. Another case of "What's good for me you peons cannot do." I hope the Rhode Islanders who voted for him are happy. Here's the link.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nice Outfit

This is Joanna Kruppa, whoever she is. Its a good look.

Free Speech At Its Finest

This kind of speech is exactly what inspired the 1st Amendment.

Well, Isn't This True?

Queen Of Boobs

That's my Lucy.

No Kidding


Doesn't this just scream 70's? I'll let all of you faithful readers know right now that I never, ever owned a pair of Angel Flights.

I Love M and M's


No Kidding

I'm 2 for 3, I'm fat, I'm clumsy and I'm not George Clooney gorgeous. And I'm 0 for 3 at marriage. Of course Jesus hates me.