Thursday, March 31, 2011

Like I Need An Excuse

According to Jimmy B's facebook, yesterday was National Cleavage Day. Here and here for links to British cleavage. I'm kind of surprised that Da Rev missed this great and glorious day on his page.

Gotta Be Careful

I went to the gym again yesterday and walked for 24 minutes, then lifted some light weight on the machines then rode the bike for 20 minutes. I'm feeling it this morning at work, but I'm not discouraged. I did weigh 327.2 yesterday. I'm not sure if I want to OCD on the weight ever day or just weigh every week or so.
I think going to the gym on a regular basis is going to help me on so many levels. As long as I take it easy at first and don't pull something, or pull my usual loss of interest. I feel pretty motivated.

Lots Of Support

Thanks to all of you who have emailed and texted me messages of support, as well as those of you I've spoken to by phone. I had a number of offers of places to live, which I appreciate.

More Body Paint

This Kills Me

What The Hell?

I've been this far over on a straightaway but not on a curve. Why on a straightaway? Because I was "double dogging", passing a car who was passing another car at the same time, putting us three abreast across both lanes of traffic. Yeah, probably not the smartest thing I've ever done riding, but I was hooting and hollering while doing it.

Havoc And Chaos

And How Does This Happen?

This Is Scary Also

This Is Scary

Makes you think you're at Wal Mart.

Back In The Day

When I was living in Stockton, I was going home from the post office and saw a family out in the field by the freeway stealing watermelons. I had just read in the paper that very morning that people walking into the fields and stealing produce was a real issue. So, I got home and called the sheriff's office with a description and a license plate. They actually responded and went to the guy's house. He admitted stealing the melons from the field but the farm owner didn't want to press charges. I found this all out because the deputy called me back with the resolution.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grant's Joke

Why do priests prefer having sex with twenty five year old's?

wait for it

Because there's twenty of them!

I poached this from Grant's facebook.

From The Good Book

This Is Boss

FSM Bike Rack

This kills me.

Bodypaint Is So Cool

I haven't had the painted gals on in a while.

And Why Are We In Libya?

Praise Jeebus!

This Is Scary

Back To The Gym

I went to the gym for the first time in a long long time yesterday. I walked a mile on the treadmill and lifted some really light weight on the machines. I did step on the scale and it said 326.8. Since one of my meds changed, I've packed on over 50 pounds and I'm resolved to get rid of it. I've still got a couple of sharp XXL hawaiian shirts that I'd like to wear again. The gym is about 10-15 minutes from my new abode. I live in Fremont, about 20-30 minutes from work. So, now I've got time to get to the gym a little more and get some of this goo off.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One More Thing About Sandy Beach

It looks like ATT put in another cell tower close to Sandy Beach. Before, I couldn't get 3G service out here. The cell phone usually worked but the aircard on 2.5G took forever. In the last couple of days I've had pretty good luck with the 3G service, only dropping service once or twice.

This Is Sexy

I Don't Get It

The Bible Beaters all praise God when he spares them but they don't curse God when he smotes them. Go figure.

Lucy In A Short Jacket

Jordan In Sexy Attire

I think this is the first pic I've posted of Jordan in a sexy nighty.

Not Where I Eat

This Is An Odd One

I've never seen a trike with a steering wheel before.

A Sharp Mopar

This is a good looking car. My nephew Patrick has one, he told me he loves it.

Here Comes Trouble.

I haven't seen this in my rear view mirror in quite some time, knock on wood.


Shouldn't this be carved backwards into the seat so it reads correctly on your butt? Yeah, I thought so.
This reminds me of Marie's brother, the Candy Ass. When they all lived in their parents house back when I first met them, Bob had a padded toilet seat. I'd never seen one before and rode his ass about it. I guess that's why he was a candy ass.


Any ideas as to what kind of car this is? Perhaps an Iso?

This Is So Cool

I wonder how you drive it. This really kills me.

This Is A Real Place

And I know this because on my feedjit on the old blog, someone from Dildo had come by. Imagine that. IIRC, its in Canada.

Joe At 70

I'd wear this for the hell of it.

This Is So True

I don't have a link to this, but it seems to me that the purse snatchers would wait until you were on the pooper dropping a bomb and they would come by and take your purse from the upper hook. People finally got wise and installed the lower hook so your purse wouldn't get snatched.

This Is Scary

I've Wondered About This

In one of the early FG's, Cleveland Jr was almost hyperactive. Now he's a sloth in the new show. I wonder why his character has made such a change.

Its Something I Just Can't Remember

Any takers?

This Made Me Chuckle

This Kills Me Too

This Kills Me

About As Blunt As You Can Get

I don't think you can get much more direct with a tattoo of a woman on you than this one. Even I don't think I would get one this blunt.

This Kills Me

Its Not Like I Give A Shit

While watching tv this week camping, I saw a short piece that showed Sheen without any makeup on and he looked horrible. Coke and whoring around is a quick way to ruin.

I've Done This

Way back in the day, I took film of a US-666 sign next to a church in Arizona. I'm sure others have done the same thing as this photo attests to. This was taken in New Mexico, not by me.


So now its three wars that we're in? And why can't the Arabs handle Libya? France, Great Britian, us? IIRC, only Qatar has gotten involved in the Libya mess. We need to call all the troops home and take care of ourselves first. There's too many people in this country who need jobs, food and health care to be "nation building" overseas.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Get TV

Something occurred to me this time at Sandy Beach. Before the change to digital television I could hardly pick up three channels. It didn't help that my outside antenna broke and I haven't had it fixed.
Back when I was in Elko visiting my cousin, the tv went tits up. So I went to Wally's and bought a new one. I didn't really pay attention to it, but the new tv has a digital tuner as well as an analog tuner.
So I thought "self, why don't you try and see if you can pick up any digital channels." And, y'know I hooked up the rabbit ears I had bought and sure as shit I got all the network channels out of Sacramento. Hell, its not cable, but it works for me.
I don't spend all day watching it, but at least I watched Family Guy last Sunday and I can watch an hour and a half of news before going to bed. Hurrah for me!

This Is So True

The punch line is "...and the last boyfriend paid for your boob job before you dumped him..." I saw this in Playboy today and I thought it couldn't have been more appropriate.

Drilling A Well At Sandy Beach

There's two water supplies out here at Sandy Beach. I didn't know this. The water supplied to the campground sites is water from the City of Rio Vista. The water used to irrigate the "grass" is well water. The old well is behind the fence in the bottom pic and within the fence in the second pic.
You would think the water table is high because its so close to the river, but that's why I only got a B in Geology. They drilled over 300 feet deep to find the water table. And, they take a core sample every 10 feet and put it on the ground for inspection. Its pretty cool. I took these yesterday and it looked like they had pretty much wrapped it up by today.

Water Running High

There was a lot of rain over the weekend and more predicted for Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The Sacramento River is running as high as I've seen it at Sandy Beach, there's not a lot of beach that's not under water.
And, notice the driftwood at the boat dock. There were a few boat trailers that managed to launch despite the mess. I guess all the boats got back as there were no empty trailers overnight.

Camping Without Chico

I decided that it would be too hard on me to take Chico camping for what could be the last time. So, sadly, I left him home. I got out here on Saturday night and am staying until Friday. Then I'm going to the condo to pick up some clothes and stuff before heading out to my brother's house.
There were only a few people here at Sandy Beach so I got my good spot, site 20. Look how deep the grass here, Spring has really sprung here in the Bay Area.