Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Last Visit From The CHP

We didn't see the CHP out and about on this trip, except for the Monday coming home. Once we got on I-5, we saw at least 8 cars pulled over getting tickets. And the plane wasn't even working.
This pic is in Byron, just off Main St. When I was coming home from the first trip with Sandra and the kids, I wasn't paying attention and was speeding down this very stretch of road. Once I saw the CHP working radar I knew I was a dead man. So, when he turned around I pulled right over. But, I didn't get a ticket. When I was married to Marie, she got my drivers license and car plates blocked. What this means is that when the police run my info, the address comes back "blocked by (the department)" So, in a professional courtesy kind of way, I got out of a ticket. Actually, I think that's also how I got out of the ticket in Hawaii as well.

The trip was tremendous. It was very important for me to go on this with my dad and the V's. I'll remember it always.


Since I've been living with Sandra, I've been through Byron a hundred times. And coming home from this ride was no different. Byron was a railroad town, notice how Main St runs along the tracks. Town is kind of spread out and there's a couple hundred people who live here.

Big Assed Crow

Its hard to see from the pic, but this is one big assed crow. One of the biggest ones I've seen and his partner just flew out of the pic.

The View At Mojave

Out the front door at the 6 in Mojave.

Towing A Plane

I saw this while getting gas in Ludlow.

More Amboy

The bottom pic is of the gas station and cafe. I've gotten soda here in the past, and gas. I've also seen the entire place locked tight. This is the only place I've seen an actual pay toilet, I was here with Charlie and I refused to pay the dime so I crawled under the door to take my poop.

Amboy Crater

This is just outside of town.


Roy's is an iconic part of US-66. Amboy is an historic place on US-66. I've never seen Roy's open or been able to get inside the locked gate.

Old US-66

This is in Amboy. We took Kelbaker Rd out of Kelso and I almost got hit at the intersection with I-40. Some idiot was coming down the off ramp and instead of looking to his right for traffic (meaning me), he was adjusting his rear view mirror as he ran the stop sign. He did stop before I plowed into him. He got a dose of horn. I can't honk and give the finger at the same time, which is a damn shame.

Two More From Kelso

The top pic is the old store and post office. For the few people who live in Kelso, its an 85 mile trip to Henderson NV for groceries, making it an all day affair.
Bob had me take the bottom pic, look how the arch and light posts act as framing for the mountains. Photoshop out the phone pole and its a great shot.

Living Quarters

Back in the day, employees lived on the second floor when they weren't living in the company provided housing.

Old License Plate

This is from 1910-1912.

Heeding The Siren's Call

This is why there's 40 million people in California.

The Depot At Kelso

Here's the restored depot at Kelso. I've wanted to come here for a while and its worth the detour if you like stuff like this. This truly is in the middle of nowhere. The National Park Service has restored the building. There's even nice flush toilets on the grounds. For as much as I needed to pee and poo on this trip, well, I'm worse than Charlie. Bathroom knowledge was imperative on this trip.

The Ride To Kelso

After breakfast and gas, we doubled back on I-15 until we got to Cima Rd. We took that to Kelso Rd and on into Kelso. We saw these Harley riders out and about, but they were too full of themsleves to say hello.
The bottom pic is my dad noticing a leaky fork seal. His Triumph is still under warranty, so he'll get it fixed for nothing.

Three Quick Points

1) I tried to catch up on the trip pics in Mojave and only got so far before not being able to keep the signal. I guess that just because I get a full signal on my cell phone doesn't mean I'll get the air card to work. I'm not too happy about that.

2) I did play $2 craps at Whiskey Petes. I made a good pass at the dice, but it should have been better. Then I got on the wrong side of the dice and got my don't pass numbers knocked down so I lost about $35. Still, I love craps and don't get to play $2 craps at all any more.

3) I woke up yesterday with a horrible migraine. I took enough pain medication to kill my liver. Sandra asked me to stay home from work, but I've only got one more free day left and I want to go camping next month. So, I sucked it up and came on in.
First off, the traffic signals were out on busy Ygnacio Valley Bl. What normally takes me 20-25 minutes took me 65 minutes today.
Then, I missed the same turnoff in the truck that I always take. It looked like my head was stuck firmly up my ass.
To top it off, I misdropped at both warehouses and misdropped the very first route I spot here at San Mateo. Jesus, what a mess. Oh, and the Journal was an hour late today.
The only bright spot is that Chico came with me today. Even still, he shit in the warehouse after I had him outside to do his business.

Now back to the trip.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whiskey Petes In Primm

After Badwater, we still had a long and tiring ride to get to Primm, which is on the state line between California and Nevada on I-15. We rode about an hour and a half too long and we were pretty tired when we got here. We had ridden 360 miles and that's a long day.
I think times are tough in Nevada, as the casino had two dollar craps on Saturday night and the place wasn't even that full. Our rooms were $54 a night, for a weekend night. And, I could get only one night. It didn't used to be that way, you used to have to book two nights if you wanted a piece of the weekend.


We made the picture stop at Badwater, which is 282 feet below sea level. 282 feet up the third pic is a sign that says "sea level."

Back To Death Valley

We put Ray's Katana back in the truck in Beatty and backtracked towards Furnace Creek. Back in the day I've played the golf course here and I still recall taking the hard gas. But, I can say I've played at the lowest course in the country. We were a bit pressed for time and didn't stay.

What Is Up With This?

Times are tough in Beatty. The Exchange Club has closed, as well as a number of motels. The new 6 is open, as is the Stagecoach. So, you raise a bunch of money and build this bad assed sign. Fancy and uptown. With lighted message display and everything. Trouble is, as you can see from the bottom two pics, the sign is in an empty lot. This kills me.

Downtown Beatty

If you're ever out this way, don't speed. Stop for the red flashing light in town. The Nye County Sheriff's Office would love to give you a "welcome to Nye County" receipt. No, I didn't get one and have yet to add to the coffers of a Nevada county, Knock on Wood.

Unfinished Pool At Scotty's

Different Shots Of Scotty's

Isn't it my luck that the goddamn big assed bus was right in the pic. To see more of Scotty's from the trip Sandra and I went on, click here and scroll down. You'll see Death Valley as well as other stuff.

Poor Pooch

This dog was howling when we got to Scotty's Castle, and 90 minutes later when we were leaving it was still howling. I felt bad for the dog. Chico had a howl attack the other day and one of the nice neighbors left a note on our door. I guess they're not the only ones with separation anxiety.

Harley Riders Out And About

There must have been about 40 Harleys out for a ride Saturday morning. Most all of them were members of the Harley Owners Group of Henderson, NV. I struck up a conversation with the Road Captain and mentioned to him that if you wanted the social aspect of riding, Harley was the brand to buy. We had a pleasant converstation about the "calling" that riding is for some of us. This group was taking the tour at Scotty's Castle.