Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Kills Me

Pretty Face

Every Which Way

King Douche

Pretty Gal



Pretty With Bewbs

Milkshake Good


Pretty Blonde

Rye TX

We went for a short drive today. Liberty County is pretty forested. The camp pics, and these pics as well, really show the lushness of the area.

The Road In And Out

A Very Big Spot

The spot is large enough for a double wide.

The View Out The Back

Notice how green everything is.

Our Spot In Cleveland TX

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This Kills Me



This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Proper Kitchen Attire

I Love Freckles

Pretty Redhead With Freckles

Pretty Blonde



Nice View

Pretty Blonde

Like A Statue

One Of My Faves

Topless With Auburn Hair

Pretty And Topless

I Love The Outdoorsy Nudes

The Shirt Has Hearts

Light And Shadow

B Cup Victory

Sharp Yamaha Single

Classic Chrysler

Cool Trike

Sexy In Lingerie

Fishnets And Tattoos

Good Advice