Wednesday, January 28, 2015

These Are Cool

Honda 600 Silverwing. I'd like to ride one.

You Already Know

In The Running

When we bought the De Ville, we looked at a Caprice like this one. It was roomier than the De Ville, but not nearly as loaded. I don't regret the choice.

T-Bird Convertible

When these came out, I really thought Ford made them too pedestrian. And too small. I don't think I fit in one.

Chevy II

A Sexy Look

Interesting Look

Blank Canvas

Nice Sleeve

Needs To Eat

Nice Legs

68 Honda 450 With Scrambler Pipes

49 Olds

Serious Ink

Classic Orange Chevy

Sharp Honda 750

Legs And Cammo

Nice Chevy Pickup

Could Be A Better Shot

Proper Kitchen Attire

Another Sharp Chevy

Good Looking Chevy

Sharp Looking Classic

I'd Love To Ride One

Serious Sleeves

A Really Sexy Look

Cool Dodge

Sharp Ink On Pretty Gal

Nice Dress

I'll Brush Off The Sand

I Love Purple

Nice Legs

High Waist

Smiling In Bikinis


Claims To Be Vanna White

Looks like her a while ago.

Sexy Bewbs

Mild Ink