Monday, February 8, 2016


Nice Chucks

Tongue Stuck Out

Santa Hat

Half Sleeve


This Kills Me


This Kills Me

Rather Nipply Today

Sexy Pose

Blonde Devil

Needs To Eat

At The Wall

Sexiest Bassist

On The Beach

Nice Pose

Sultry Blonde

Another Playboy Model

Sexy Playboy Model


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Marie And I

Joe With Rampage Ice Girls

On Ice Action

Virgin Ice In San Antonio

Marie and I spent a few days in San Antonio last weekend. After the Globetrotters on Thursday, we went to Rampage games on Friday and Saturday.

You Already Know

Way Cool Cadillac Wagon

Denver Sucks

Old School Mc Donalds

Chico Gets Whole Treats

This Kills Me

Two Pics Of The Bixby Creek Bridge

Love The Color

I Miss Mine

Two Tone Dodge Polara

Sharp Catalina

You Already Know

Classic Mustang Convertible

My Brother Had One

I Had A 77

Cool Classic Chevy Pickup