Thursday, December 18, 2014

What A Mug

On CA-88 At The Nevada Border

I spent almost two weeks back in the Bay Area right at the beginning of the month. I did no sightseeing, except for the day I drove to Carson City to shoot dice at Fandango's. I love driving my dad's truck, so it didn't kill me.

Downtown Cedar Vale KS

When I was in Sedan a few posts ago I noticed a Cedar Vale unit driving past me the opposite way. Hmmm, I've never heard of the place. So, while driving back to Independence I approached said Cedar Vale, pulled off the highway and cruised through town. I say on the video all the time that "here's another dying (insert name of state) Midwest town. And I said it here in Cedar Vale as well.
But they have enough money for two patrol cars as this isn't the one I saw in Sedan.

Looking West And North At Border


Looking East At Border On OK-18



Chico and I heeded the middle pic.

Looking South And East At Border On KS-99

Looking West At The State Line

After Sedan, I continued south on KS-99 until I stopped here at the border.

Downtown Sedan KS

Churches In Front Of The Courthouse

Chautauqua County Courthouse And SO.

Built in 1917.

Your Humble Blogger

I cut the scruff before leaving for California

I Can't Remember The Name

I saw the sign for these falls in Chautauqua County while driving south on KS-99, just north of Sedan KS. I drove a few miles on a dirt road, parked and walked through the gate. These were taken on the bridge.

Hotel Woodson In Yates Center

More Modern Sheriff's Office

Here's the current Woodson County SO. One of their SUV's had SHERIFF'S across the side. And that was all it said. Not "Woodson County" or"911" or anything else. The unit had pulled away before I got a shot.

Panoramic Of Downtown


Woodson County Courthouse In Yates Center

It was a very windy day. Sounded like a jet on the video when I shot the bottom pic.

Holiday Display In Yates Center KS

Up And Down Main Street In Neodesha

There's a replica oil rig at the north end of town. There wasn't a good vantage point for pictures, the rig is tall and right on the road. There's also other buildings and a stand of trees that hinder the shot.