Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1950 Plymouth

This Kills Me

Proper Kitchen Attire

Missing Something?


Serious Ink

Legs And Toolbox

Nice Print

Another Classic Pinup Pose

Sexy Lingerie And Truck


Classic Pinup Pose

Sharp Yamaha

Classic Pinup

Sexy Pose With Ink

Classic Pinup Pose


Room For Two

Pinup And Mustang

Ink And Car

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

Sexy Ink

In The Falling Water

CustomCar And Classic Pinup

Pinup Pose

More Print

Classic Pinup Pose

Love The Print

Sexy Print

Interesting Colors

I Love Green

Stockings And Greenery

Much More Ink

Much Ink

Glasses And Sleeve

Old School Marilyn

Peek Of Legs

There's My Print

In The Front Seat

Fishnets And Print

In The Garage

Classic Pinup

Medusa Head

Under A Tree

Playboy Takes Good Pics

Pretty Blonde Devil

Untanned Bewbs

A Pretty Gal

Missing From My Furniture