Monday, August 3, 2015

This Kills Me

No Longer On The Menu

Love The Freckles

Legs And Bootay

Classic Attire

Proper Kitchen Attire

Glowing Yellow


Cute Redhead

Bikini Sexy

Nice Legs


Classic Pinup

Theres My Print

Nice Sleeve

Classic Pinup

My Next Wife Lisa Ann

Good Looking Ink

Bikini Sexy

Old School CA Highway

Old CA-24 In The Feather River Canyon

Love My Print

This Kills Me

I Love Green

I Love Purple

My Next Wife London

Bikini Pinup With Truck

Serious Red

Old Highway In Santa Barbara

Sexy Pinup With Old Truck

Pinup On Dodge

Pinup With Sleeve

9 Passenger Chevy Post Wagon

You Already Know


I Regret Selling Mine

Charlie Had One Just Like This

Mine Was Royal Blue

I Didn't Take This

Mild Ink

Bewbs And Stockings

Bikini Sexy

Pretty Blonde

No Tan Lines

Showing The Girls

Pretty Brunette